Monday, June 8, 2015

Currently {June 2015}

Making //  I recently made Emily a Canopy hoop for her bed. She loves sleeping in her "princess bed" now. It was so easy and so affordable I can't wait to show it to you in a little DIY post soon!

Reading//  We have been spending a lot of time reading and are busy working on a summer reading challenge with some of our favorite blogging friends

Sweet Turtle Soup: Summer Reading Challenge - Announcement!
Make sure you check out the details, grab your books & link up with these awesome ladies.

Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me
Elizabeth from Chasin' Mason
Courtney from Sweet Turtle Soup

Wishing //  That summer could last forever.

Listening to//  I took the girls to see Annie the other day at the Summer Movie Express. Every day since then I have had endless requests to watch and listen to Annie songs on YouTube.

Learning //  To be more comfortable in the gym. I recently started a work out routine that has me doing a lot less cardio and a lot more weights, free weights at that. This was definitely a big stretch away from where I feel comfortable but it has been so good for me. Women belong in the weight room too! 

Wearing //  My swimsuits! We have been getting in more than our fair share of pool time lately. I did say we were going to live a the pool this summer. 

Enjoying //  Cheap electric bills! For the first time since we have been married we made it until early June before we turned our air conditioner on. I am not saying we haven't had our fair share of warm days but we just weren't willing to give in until the house hit 80 degrees one evening. 

Looking Forward To //  Vacation!!! Well I guess it's just a little trip. But it's a few days out of town away with the family and I am excited!!!

Wanting //  My kids to slow down. Marissa is getting ready to turn 7! How did 7 get here so fast? 

Eating //  Massive amounts of protein. Well, I don't know if I can really claim massive. But eating 30% of my calories in protein has definitely been quite the challenge and eating eggs/egg whites for breakfast everyday is less than enjoyable.

Planning //  The next school year. I have been HARD at work on lesson plans for the 2015/2016 school year. I think I just might be able to get the finished or really close to finished by the end of the month.

Praying //  For others. Praying for the lost to be found, the broken to be healed and the struggling to find grace.

We have been having lots of sister sleepovers lately :).

Missing //  As much as I love summer a teensy weensy part of me misses having a daily set in stone routine. I mostly just like knowing what day of the week it is and lately, I couldn't tell you.

What have you been up to currently?

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  1. Ahh sister sleepovers are so fun!!! Sounds like the summer is shaping up well!

  2. I am loving the sister sleepovers. It just makes my heart so happy that they have each other as cheesy as that might sound.
    Summer is treating us so well! Happy Monday friend.

  3. Love that they have sleepovers! And the canopy bed! I want one for when Hallie is big you will have to teach me! PS We had a pretty rough week last week! If you can add us to that prayer list!

  4. A canopy bed! What a little girl's dream! So fun!

  5. I get bored of eggs for breakfast too. Though I have to say they do keep me full longer than a bowl of cereal, they just start to wear me down lol. Yay for sister slumber parties!

  6. Yay for adding more weights to your work out routine!! It's totally intimidating at first, but so worth it!! And call me crazy, but I love eggs! I eat them most mornings and never get sick of them, ha ha! I love to throw in a bunch of spinach when I scramble eggs to get a good dose of power greens as well!
    So jealous of your cheap electric bills. I've been running the AC since freakin' March, ugh! I can't wait for winter just so that we can have cheap bills... no AC or heat, ha ha!

  7. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesJune 9, 2015 at 9:51 AM

    Oh my goodnes. That first picture of Emily is hilarious. Her facial expressions are the best.
    Yes! Ladies DO belong in that weight room! If you don't mind me asking, what program (diet and exercise) are you doing? I'm always on the lookout for new ideas.
    Scott basically balks at the idea of the AC on until I'm melting into a puddle on the floor. One day it hit 85 - let me repeat that EIGHTY-FIVE - on our lower level. Scott proceeded to tell me it didn't feel that bad. Needless to say, my pregnant inner monster was unleashed. The AC was then quickly turned on.
    Can't wait to hear about this little getaway of yours!!

  8. Since I'm going to be working this summer (first time in 7 years!) I'll be wishing my weekends last forever!!!! Thanks for the prayers.

  9. I hate eggs for breakfast often. I had salad the other morning because I couldn't take more eggs. bleh. That is awesome getting in the weight room. I really enjoyed lifting weights forever and a day ago back in high school. I was in the weight training class and it was just a few of use girls and the guys, but the guys were such nice supporters! I'd probably feel much more uncomfortable now though, with strangers. But anyways good for you haha!

  10. UGH...I hate eggs, unless they are smothered in cheese. Healthy, right?? We've been living at the pool as well and I'm loving it! Since we're going to the beach in about 10 days I'm making sure we all have a little tan first. ;)

  11. Lol, Cheese does make them better even if it's just a tiny bit. So jealous of the beach! I could really use some ocean therapy.

  12. I know right?! It get so very gross but they seem to be the best option I have so I go for it and try to choke them down as quickly as I can. I don't think I could eat salad for breakfast... but it may come to that! Thanks friend!

  13. Oh wow that is going to be a bit of a shock I bet. Maybe a nice change of pace though?! I'll take endless weekends to, I love family time! You are welcome.

  14. Me too! They are BFF's in the making and I love it. The canopy hoop was so inexpensive simple and it looks great I can't wait to share it.

    You bet friend!

  15. Exactly she absolutely LOVES it. Which makes me so happy.

  16. I know they do and it is the best source of protein I can find in the morning so I keep choking them down :(.

    Sister slumber parties are the best, you'll find that out someday soon I bet!

  17. That is awesome! I have never really done free weight so I am really enjoying the technicality of it all and it is a great workout too!

    Oh me and you both friend. It helps for the months when it is over :).

  18. She has some pretty amazing expressions, lol.

    I am doing this I absolutely love it.

    85?! You win, you win. That is crazy!

  19. It has been SO worth it.

    Man I wish I loved them more... I am just missing some variety in my life. I will totally be trying that spinach trick soon. Maybe that would help to mix things up a bit!

    I can't even imagine the AC in March, or not needing a heater either lol.

  20. Ooh a hoop bed! I have always wanted to do that. I can't wait to see your DIY post! Summer is a little hard at first coming up with a schedule, but I always miss it once the grind of the school year starts up again!

  21. I can't wait to visit our pools and splash pads here in Ohio. I wasn't much of a user before since I worked so much but now that I'm home with Connor, I'm hoping to really work on my tan this summer ;)

  22. A canopy hoop? So fun! I can’t wait to see that. Love that
    you are doing the reading challenge. Mason and I plan to get a library card
    this summer. Ours are kind of weird here. I’m wishing summer could last
    forever, too (minus the bugs). Do you guys go to a public pool? Or have one in
    your neighborhood? So awesome!

  23. It was the simplest project and so cheap but man it made her bed so special. She just loves it.

    Once we wrap up VBS week we may have a shot at figuring a schedule out. This week has been CRAZY and yes, I will miss it too! I hope you guys are loving your summer!

  24. I know! You also get to a point with them around 2-3 when that stuff just gets SO much easier too. You guys are going to rock summer! My tan is glowing right now. I feel very native and I love it!

  25. It was so easy and is just the sweetest addition to her room!

    I better start documenting said reading challenge! The library is such a great place on a long hot day. We have a pool pass to the public pool. Joplin has 3 aquatic parks so this one pass gets us into any of them whenever we want. It is great!

  26. A canopy hoop?! Show me your ways, girlie!! We are off from next week and can't wait for all our summer fun to begin (but just like you, I love the school days routine as well:-))

  27. It was so easy and affordable and she just loves it so much. Hopefully I will get it posted next week or the week after. My posts have been filling up pretty quickly lately (which has been super nice).
    Have a great weekend!!!