Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summertime Outings

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This months topic is summertime outings!

We are all about budget friendly activities in the Newman house. Free & inexpensive activities are huge winners out of necessity to keep the budget balanced. Today I want to share 10 of our favorite free/cheap summer outings. 
* Library Story Time
Schedule a library trip around Summer story time.

* Local Splash Pads
Several parks have splash pad areas which means using their water instead of running your sprinkler for hours.

* Summer Movie Express
It is hard to pass up a $1 ticket to the movies

* Chick Fil-a Play Place
On those hot days the girls and I sometimes make a trip to Chick Fil-a. Free coffee and a treat to share gives us an hour or two of fun for just a couple bucks.

* Swimming Pools
By far our favorite way to keep cool. Most pools have free swims on certain days of the week or if you plan to frequent the pool this summer check out a pool pass. 

*Park Trips/ Walks
Getting outside to play in the summer is always fun but usually hot. We love to make early morning park trips before it gets to hot out. 

*Sonic Happy Hour
Half price slushies in the afternoon or milk shakes in the evening. We love to frequent Sonic during the summer.

*Science Centers/ Museums
Check out your area to see what free museums you can find! I have also noticed several science centers offer free times and days to visit.

*Dollar Store
Some days a trip to the dollar store is a fun adventure for the girls. I usually give them each $1 and watch them try to decide what they want to purchase. Then we come home and play, craft or color.

*Farmers Markets
We are gardeners but we still love to visit and walk around the local farmers market. You never know what you might find there. 

There is so much to do and see during the summer and a lot of it can be done without breaking the bank if your willing to look into the best time to go. 

Our summer is busy, our summer is fun but our summer is very thought out and planned.

I hope this list gives you some ideas of a few summer outing you could plan with your kids!

What would you add to this list?

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  1. I love these ideas, Beth. They're definitely going to come in handy for those hot summer days with my little girl! Thank you for sharing them and for hosting with the lovely ladies of Tuesday Talk. I'm still fairly new to the link up (only my second week), and I'm already learning some great stuff and meeting some really awesome people. Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Love the Dollar Store idea!!

  3. Thank you for linking up and even more so for giving me all these fun ideas!!! I'm always on the lookout for ways to have fun without spending a ton and your ten ideas are perfect!!

  4. I like that you incorporated food in there! Speaking to my heart LOL. I love Sonic and often forget about their happy hour specials!

  5. I love a good Farmer's Market so I need to get busy and find one nearby. I tend to forget about Sonic! I love their shakes and half price shakes would have to taste better :) We try to head outside in the morning to play in the backyard and then retreat inside during the hottest time of the day.

  6. Love all your suggestions! Pretty sure we'll be doing quite a few of these this summer!

  7. Hiking! We love hiking in the nearby woods :-)

  8. This is a great list. Does your city offer free family movies or concerts in the park? If so, I would add this. Or a weekly event. Like in our area, we have 2nd Sunday on King...free to all, but bring money to eat and shop if you choose. My post from last week speaks of some of my summer favorites although there may be a cost to mine. Enjoyed linking up again this week.

  9. Such a great list! We do many of the same things. I'll have to check out Sonic! Yum!

  10. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesJune 23, 2015 at 8:16 PM

    Awesome list! I'm on the hunt for a splash pad near us, but with the drought I'm worried none will be working. :(
    We have the $1 movie on our to-do list tomorrow thanks to your earlier suggestion. And the pool is always our afternoon go-to activity.
    SONIC!! There are NONE in our area, and I used to LIVE for their Ocean Water at happy hour.

  11. Thank you! It is the little things, right?!

  12. I loved how similar our lists were. Cheap outings are key for this family and so many others I know. Thanks and thanks again for hosting!

  13. You know it. I ALMOST put a breakfast donut date on the list of ideas too. Mmmmm, donut :). It's fun to know you have Sonics out there too!

  14. That is a great one as long as it is done early I am all for it! I wish we had a great hiking area a bit closer too us.

  15. Thanks friend. You totally should I just love all things summer and want others to join in the fun :). Wow, that sounded really cheesy :P.

  16. Do you have Sonics? You totally should if you never have. Milk shakes are half price every night after 8:00 and drinks and slushies are half price every day from 2-4:00!

    We LOVE Sonic.

  17. Oh friend I sure wish I could give y'all some rain. I have never felt so guilty about rain :(. We are +1.50" of what we should have right now. Last year we were -12!!! So this is quite the change this year. I hope you guys get a break soon. I know it could rain for weeks before it would catch you all up.

    Enjoy the movie! We are skipping this week. It is How To Train a Dragon 2 (Emily finds it scary) and Rio 2 (we've watched it 20 times already.

    BOO!!! Life without Sonic is sad.

  18. They are just so much fun! We have one here that sells all kinds of things and play blue grass music. Gotta love it. Yes they do! The coconut cream pie is my favorite, hands down. I just can't do the heat... unless there is a pool nearby. We've taken up residency there lately.

  19. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesJune 23, 2015 at 9:48 PM

    The Boxtrolls is our movie this week. I'm a little worried it might be too much for Marcus. But, for only $2 it's worth a shot! I won't feel guilty if we don't stay for the whole thing. :)

  20. Totally worth a shot! Good luck!

  21. Looks like a fun time had by all Beth. We loved taking the girls on vacations and now with the grandkids are even double the fun. A lot to see in St. Louis. Also, great ideas for summer fun with the kiddos!

  22. Thank you!

    Oh man I wish we did that would be so awesome. I will have to keep my ears open in case an event pops up but we don't have any kind of monthly event.

    Thank you so much for linking up with us!

  23. Thank you so much! I absolutely love my co-hosts and this link up. We are so glad that you have joined us and are enjoying it!

  24. Ah that is so much fun. We have never taken any kind of family vacation with the grandparents. I would really love to do that sometime. There is SO much to see in St. Louis I wish it was a bit closer than it is but I really shouldn't complain.

    Thank you!

  25. I love the buck at the dollar store idea. I remember that from my childhood. My grandma would give me and my two cousins a couple bucks each and we'd spend way too long trying to find the perfect thing. Esp one of my cousins, and I cannot believe I can't recall if it was the eldest or youngest now, but she would literally take forever looking at absolutely everything and picking very cautiously.

  26. We do, but we don't go very often. We were going to go tonight for the 79 cent slushies but the weather got a little wild!

  27. 79 cent slushes, whoa!!! Bummer that the weather ruined your plans. I hate when that happens ☹.

  28. Hehe! I remember doing the same thing with my mom at these dollar stores that were inside the mall. They used to carry A LOT better stuff for $1. Well, either that or I have matured a bit and realize what used to be really nice and cool isn’t so much lol. Probably a little of both. I wonder if your cousin is still such a cautious shopper 😊.

  29. love this! Pinned and shared on FB.

  30. I would add visiting State Parks...it's $5 per car load per day in Indiana. And they have more than hiking trails - some have bike trails, cave trails, an old village with a grist mill, nature centers, water parks, and beaches. My fave thing to do on your list is going to the library! Great list! -Jess

  31. I wish we had some better ones closer by. Maybe I need to do some research to see where some good ones are. Missouri is kind of meh but the AR border is less than an hour away and it is BEAUTIFUL down there. Now I am off to go check that out 😊.