Monday, September 15, 2014


This weekend I participated in the #DJV5K. I signed up several weeks ago before I had really thought about where I would be in my half training. It was just this week that I realized I had a 9 mile run to do this weekend.

So, what's a girl to do in a situation like that?

 My best solution was to run a 5.9 mile warm up then try and bust out the fastest 5K I could to get a 9 mile total. Crazy? Maybe. But it was the best idea I could come up with. Thankfully my running buddy didn't even flinch when I brought it up and happily joined in the fun.

We met at 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning. It was dark with breaking low temperature of 43 degrees. I will try and not complain for those of you still having summer weather. I do love me some fall weather but that felt more like winter when we started.

We ran our first 6 miles, then stopped to stretch and take some more pictures.

After a quick break we restarted our apps were off. Our goal: finish without dying. This was kind of a weird feeling. Usually 5K's are all about speed, game on run as fast as you can. I went into this one thinking if we can do this under 30:00 I am going to be thrilled.

Sure enough 3.1 miles later

We some how did it. 

And seriously, if we could look this put together after all of our runs, especially the 9 miles ones. I guess that cold weather wasn't so bad after all! 

9 fingers for 9 miles, our longest run since early May.

Thank you Desiree and Jenny for putting the #DJV5K together.

I can't wait to hear how everyone else did!

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  1. 9 miles with like no training?! Congrats girl!! You are super woman :)

  2. You ladies did AWESOME! And, that last 3.1 miles can count as "speed work" for the week. ;)
    Way to go!!

  3. You ladies are rock stars! 9 miles total that day?! I mean I know you needed to get that long run in for training for the 1/2 but wow that's so awesome you guys ran 6 and then the 3.1 after! :) And with a great time too!! Thanks for joing us!

  4. Way to go Beth. As always, you are a rock star!

  5. I guess 3.1 looks so much shorter and speed-able from the view of a half marathon! From my view on the couch it looked like eternity =) 43 is a wee bit chilly. It's 80s today and it felt really lovely outside, almost not too hot. There was a breeze and everything. It felt sort of fall-ish. Fall-ish enough for me to actually go outside! I stay inside all summer. By the fan and the ac!