Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Project: Plates In The Kitchen

Three day weekends always make me a bit optimistic that maybe we will get something extra done around the house. Maybe, just maybe we can cross something off the ever growing "honey-do" list.

I went into this weekend not holding my breath. Things have been busy lately and the summer always means lots of yard work. Not to mention recently we he dove head first into a very large project that has left me wondering if any of my smaller ones would be done within the next year. More on that project another day.

About a year ago I decided I wanted to do something behind the stove.

 I was thinking some sort of formal back splash maybe with tile.

The husband suggested something a little less traditional and I just happened to be crazy enough to go along with the idea.
It all started with a board he had laying around the garage. He cut it to size and painted it black. 

Next we went through his LARGE collection of license plates... yes, I said license plates.

I laid out a pattern and he cut them to fit.

Once that was done we locate the studs, hung the board and finished attaching the plates.


Total project cost $0.00!

Okay, so this is definitely not going the traditional route of home decor. And I am probably one of a small handful of women that would not only be okay with this but also love it. It is different, "us" and goes perfectly with the eclectic, vintage, car theme we are working on in the rest of our home. 

I couldn't be happier that I went along with his crazy idea.

Random info:
Most of the plates were picked because they were unique: New York, Hawaii and that really cool old Illinois plate. The others were chose because of their colors and the fact that he would let me cut them up. There were Colorado and Florida ones that I wanted to use but he vetoed chopping them. Lastly the bottom left plate I chose because I was raised in Kansas and was born in 1983 :).

Finally a year later this project is done. Now if I can only convince him to finish up a project for the dining room. But I guess I should be happy with this handy work for now

What was your latest project you tackled?

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  1. I love home decor that speaks about the family who live there. This is "you" and even though cars aren't my taste, I like that is fits in with your family. :-)

  2. WOW I love how unique this is! I also love how the colors in the plates you picked really make your wall color pop! When I saw your IG photo I never expected this!

  3. How adorable is that!!!?!! love it.

  4. I love it. This is so the sort of thing I'm all about these days. Decorating your home with things that YOU love and that make YOU happy. Who cares if no one else "gets" it.

  5. I adore this idea!! I would have filled the whole space with it I love it that much. Creativity goes a long way with me!

    1. I thought about it! But then I wondered if I would need to do the other side of the kitchen to and going around outlets and switches would have been awkward because of the way he attached them so we didn't

      Thank you, Thank you!

  6. Girl!! Get this on Pinterest pronto because this is FABULOUS!! So unique and so creative. I love it!!

  7. Oh that is really awesome looking! At first I was like hm license plates not my thing, but then I saw the picture of the final result and it looks so great! Love it! You should do the whole kitchen!!! All the walls!!! Glad you went with the different and crazy idea!

  8. I love it!! I need to do something behind my oven too!