Friday, September 19, 2014

Thoughts for Friday: 9.19.14

Finally Friday, once again!

This has been the first week that it has actually felt like fall. Sure we have had our days of warmer than I like temperatures but the morning have been amazing.

So with all things fall on the brain here are this weeks Friday Fall Five:

{ONE} Starbucks BOGO

So did anyone else see this?!

Buy any fall drink between 2-6 pm and get one free to share. (9/17-9/21 participating US stores).

Yes please! Starbucks will definitely be on the agenda this weekend.

{TWO} Fall Bucket List

The first official day of fall is coming soon! Tuesday September 23rd, that is LESS than a week away! I am going to be posting my fall bucket list that day, I made it WEEKS ago and have been eager to start on it. With all kinds of fun fall memories being made I am sure that will make for some exciting blog posts full of memories to share. Here are a couple of exciting fall link-ups that you should check out. 

Countdown to Halloween
I can hardly wait for the fun to start!

{THREE} Fall Shopping 

Let's pretend for a second that someone really generous just gave me a stack of cash and told me to go buy myself something nice. 

Here are a few things I might buy.

Some new brown boots

Fall may require a new scarf

Definitely a new sweater, or two

Ant this skirt could be pretty cute. 

But now back to reality, no shopping trips for me any time soon.

I'm a mom aka I never, rarely make it past the childrens' department. Typically if I do it is to buy some new spandex capri pants for running. Anyone else out there in the same boat?  

{FOUR} Apples

My parents are the proud owners of an apple tree. Wednesday night my mom dropped this off for me.

I spent every spare second on Thursday working on apple stuff.

One Pie, 6 quarts of apple pie filling and 14 pints of applesauce later

And the box is still half full. OI!

Next up is apple butter, then I think we will just start eating apples for every meal. I REALLY wish I had a juicer right about now. 

{FIVE} DIY Fall Decor

After complaining that I have little to no fall decorations a few weeks ago I have put together two projects complete with DIY tutorials over the past couple weekends.

First I did Pallet Pumpkins

Then I made a fall themed pallet sign

My fall decor selection has really stepped it up a few notches. I am not finished yet but I don't feel like as much of a slacker. I can't wait to do more tutorials over the next few months with more exciting projects to share.


Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. BOGO at Starbucks, might be the best news ever!!

    1. I know, right?! I totally went today and it was lovely. Hope you got (or get) a chance to go!

  2. We had an apple tree for a little while. We harvested three apples once :p then the summer of drought killed it. :(

  3. I am so excited about fall! If only Texas would get some cooler weather it would be perfect! :)

    1. I know! Our weather here has been a complete roller coaster ride. Let's hope it all levels out and you get some cool temps soon!

  4. I saw the Starbucks BOGO this morning! I told Chris at lunch but he was like what would you do with two drinks? Nobody else drinks them but me!
    Thanks for the shout out! Fall fall fall! Yay yay yay!
    Same boat! I never get myself anything. It is always for that little kiddo.
    For the jars of applesauce do you have to do that sealing pot of water type thing with those? Or did you just put your applesauce in the jars and put a lid on it? mmm applebutter.
    Your new decorations are awesome!

  5. I thought of you today when I saw a "pallet" pumpkin sign at Michael's, your real one is so much better. :-) Happy Fall!

  6. Stopped by from the link-up. I pinned those pallet pumpkins and forgot all about them. I'll get started now-yours look great!

    1. Thank you! I hope they turn out great for you. I am so happy with mine the longer I have them the more they grow on me.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. We have a two apple trees but they aren't really producing yet. So I jump the fence to pick my neighbors! I'm trying out all sorts of different apple recipes!!

  8. That scarf is gorgeous. I don't "need" any more scarves but wouldn't be mad one bit if I was able to snag a new one for Fall.

  9. Every time I suggested grabbing a Starbucks this weekend Scott was all, "meh, nah." WHAT?!
    Those fall clothes - so cute! Buuuuut, like you, any time I pick up new clothes it's never for me. UNLESS there's a need for new running shoes, or workout clothes. I almost have more fun, and get more excited about running clothes than I do "real" clothes.
    We went to an orchard this weekend and I whipped up some apple cinnamon banana muffins. They were Marcus approved, and perfect for breakfast or a snack. I'm going to share the recipe in a few weeks, but if you want it sooner I'd be happy to email it to you. :)

  10. Oh thanks for the shout out for our link up! I love that green scarf - looks so comfy and very perfect for fall!