Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Little Artist: Georges Seurat

This is going to be the third part of our on going "Little Artist" series. As part of our home school curriculum this year we are studying several famous artist and replicating the technique they used and/or one of their famous works of art. So far we have studied Mondrian and Matisse if you would like to check out our previous projects. 

This week will will be studying Georges Seurat and adding a fun, fall twist to our art project.

Seurat was famous for discovering a technique of art called pointillism. Instead of using brush strokes Seurat used a method of circular dots. He believed that by doing this it made the colors more brilliant and powerful.

If you would like to read more about Georges Seurat. Making Art Fun has great artist biographies. You can learn more about Seurat here

Supplies needed for this project:
White Paper
Acrylic paint in fall colors
Paint brush

First you need to paint a tree trunk.


Then allow it to dry completely.

Next up pick a color and start dotting your leaves on. I tried to encourage the girls to not use the q-tips as a brush. We were going for circular like shape to imitate Seurat's work.

If it helps you can draw a circular shape lightly with pencil and try to encourage them to stay in the line... or just let them go!

I love that this project is perfect for a 2 year old a 6 year old or even a 10 year old. 

After we filled in our trees we added a few, dozen falling leaves to complete the painting.


Now we have some lovely fall art work to display on the wall and can cross "making a fall craft" off of our Fall Bucket List.

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  1. I always love seeing these posts! So cute! And perfect for fall!

  2. Way to kill two birds with one stone. You're so creative. :-)

  3. Show off! This was what I was working for with our craft but Connor really didn't like listening to me say we make dots. He was going for more of a free for all look. It worked, though, you know?

  4. LOVE this! Marcus has just started getting into painting (finally!). When he's a little better about controlling his paint brush we'll have to give this a shot. It would make for perfect Fall/Thanksgiving cards to send our families back home!

  5. I die over the waiting to dry pic!!! I adore this one, might be my fave so far. I wish Aria was coordinated to do dots!! Already pinned for later. Gosh it is so adorable, plus multitasking! That's my fave too.