Friday, September 26, 2014

Thoughts for Friday: 9.26.14

Hello Friday!

Another busy week of school is done and the girls and I are heading out to our first field trip of the school year this morning. Excitement is high at the Newman house this morning. I just love field trips, nothing has changed over the past 25 years for this girl.

Let's get to it with this weeks Friday picks:

{ONE} Home Tour

If you are half as nosy as me you love the idea of being able to "snoop" around the inside of someones house. Well, I am inviting you to do just that.

This is our home.

On Monday I will be posting a photo tour of the inside.

Our journey with this home started when we lost our home in a tornado, tore a house down, purchased the lot next door to ours and built this custom home. I am so excited to be able to share it with you.

{TWO} Timehop

Random Beth fact: I am a complete sentimental schmuck. I love looking back through old posts, pictures, and status updates.

I may be the last person on earth to discover Timehop, and that is fine. But just in case I am not and you to love looking at old posts and pics, you should check it out. Every day it pulls all of your old photos and status updates so you can reflect back on what you were doing 1, 2, 3 or as far back as your social media thumbprint goes.

{THREE} Memory Verses

Love, love, love this so much. I posted this on my Facebook page, but it was so much cuteness I had to share it here.

{FOUR} Fall Bucket List

On Tuesday I shared our Fall Bucket List.

I can hardly wait to cross something off this weekend.

{FIVE} Pumpkin Everything

Since the beginning of fall... or the beginning of September. I have been baking pumpkin everything. Here are a few recipes I have came across that I have or plan to try in the near future.
Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me posted these amazing Pumpkin Muffin Cakes. Check them out and say hello while you are there.

Yesterday I posted this recipe for Easy Pumpkin Bread.

And these Brown Butter Pumpkin Waffles from Two Peas And Their Pod, UH-Mazing!

Have an awesome Friday and a great weekend.

 I will see you back on Monday for my home tour!


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  1. Your house is lovely! I love the shape of it, as weird as that sounds! can't wait for the rest of the tour!

    My mom had us memorize verses when we were young and at the time it was annoying. But, now, I love being able to remember them whenever I need em!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  2. Your house is so beautiful.

    I really need to download timehop! For sure!

  3. I LOVE Timehop!!!! Happy weekend!

  4. Beautiful home, can wait to see the tour inside!!

  5. Time hop rocks! I haven't had it long but I love it! Your home is beautiful - I love love love your front porch. Our is going to look very similar! I'm excited to see your home tour. :) Happy Friday!
    ps do you realize you posted nothing about running? I feel like your Friday posts almost always include running :)

  6. Yeah for shout outs!
    I love your home.. can't wait to see the inside. The stairs are a nice touch, one that most people don't think of when buying/building a home.

  7. Ooooo!!! Can't wait for Monday. I'm always up for a home tour!

  8. Can't wait to see inside your house!! The exterior is gorgeous, and I just know the interior will be equally as stunning.
    Whoop whoop for field trips!

  9. Brown butter confuses me.

    I don't have timehop, and Ive seen it all over but it kind of creeps me out. like being watched...from the past. ha, dunno. I'm weird.

    Your home is beautiful! dont think I ever saw any full view pics before.

    field trips are the best!

  10. Great post!!! I also love pumpkin and enjoy cooking up yummy treats this time of year! Your home is beautiful...can't wait to get a peak!!!
    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Thanks! Pumpkin and baking just go hand in hand right now. I absolutely love all of the treats to try. I am so excited, and a bit nervous to share my home with everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Pumpkin! Is it really that time again? I have a recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins that I love. Need to make those again!