Monday, September 22, 2014

Things You Should Know About Me If Were Gonna Be BFF!

Happy Monday!

How about a friendly little Monday morning reminder.


Well it feels like I had a busy weekend full of a whole lot of nothing. Do you ever have those? I didn't go any where or do anything really but I some how managed to stay busy, as always.

Today I wanted to do a fun little random post. 
Here is a  list of things you should know about me if were gonna be BFF, best friends forever.

1. If it lives or swims in the water I won't eat it. Don't even try to convince me that it is "good" or tastes like chicken. I don't want to eat it and I never will.

 End of story.

2. I love to try on high heels. Being a tall gal at about 5'10" I rarely wear them and certainly don't buy them. But if you take me to Kohls to try on shoes, I will be your life long friend.

3. I can multi-task well. But when it comes to large projects I will get VERY focused on finishing and can kind of get tunnel vision until it's done.
4. I will put LOL or Bahaha in every text message I send you at least once. Sorry, I am a dork like that.

5. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla, ALWAYS vanilla

6. I am a sucker for a good deal. $2 tank days at Old Navy were some of my favorite days of summer this year and when I go into a store my eyes automatically start scanning for clearance racks. Cheap? Maybe. But I prefer the term thrifty!

7. Clothes really aren't all that important to me. Sure I love a great outfit but I am far from trendy and stylish.

8. Talk to me for a second about running, something related to running, or even the lady that you saw running earlier that day and I may chat your ear off for an hour.

9. I don't need much sleep. I am 6.5/7.5 hours a night max kind of gal and I will never understand how people sleep for more than 8 hours in a row. I am not hating or judging I just don't get it and I am sure if you are one of "those people" the feeling is mutual
10. There are certain songs that I know will make me cry and sometimes I will turn one of them on ready to let the tears flow. Miranda Lambert, The House That Built Me ALWAYS works. 

So there you have it. A few "very important" Beth facts that you need to know since were now officially best friends.

What do I need to know about you?

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  1. I CAN ABSOLUTELY relate to #1!!! I can't even stand the smell!

    1. So glad that I am not the only one. Some people treat me like I'm crazy.

  2. I'm with you on a lot of those. Not the Miranda Lambert one or sleeping. I hate country music and like sleeping. I rarely get over 6-7 hours of sleep, but given the opportunity, I would gladly sleep 8-10.
    Heels, water creatures as food, running, good sales, and vanilla over chocolate... we could get along pretty well I think. :-)

    1. The funny thing about it is I am not a country fan really. I am okay with listening for a little bit but that's about it. I do love a few songs though. Lol on the sleep, I just can't do it.

      I think we could get along pretty well to :).

  3. lovely :)

  4. hahaha! Love this post! Seafood is stupid. I can do fried shrimp though. Chris keeps wanting me to try raw somethings. Oysters maybe. Ain't gonna happen.
    I love shoe shopping!
    Vanilla with a brownie and caramel sauce please.
    mo cheaper mo betta!! Except shoes. I hate cheap shoes. Always uncomfy.
    I could sleep 13 hours. Maybe not anymore. But I'm sure with a little practice I could get there again. I think I get a nice 7 now. I love naps.
    I hate songs that make me cry. That is why I don't listen to country.

  5. But fish is soooo good for you!!! :)

    Vanilla for the win.

    I need loads of sleep. Loads of it.

    I'm 5 7 so I don't really do heels either.

  6. I like to sleep but some people definitely push the limits!

    Those heels are lovely!!

  7. One important Stephanie fact... I wear a constant look of bitchiness. I can't help it. It's usually because I'm deep in thought about something and my face just sets that way.

  8. I used to live in heels. Then I got pregnant, and then I had Marcus, and then I realized how impractical they are. *sigh*
    Vanilla. Always. Yes.
    Yep, LOL or Bahaha, at least once per texting transaction.

    A Desiree fact: Born and raised in Iowa, but I cannot, will not, refuse to eat beef or pork or lamb.

  9. I wish I could sleep like you! I would get so much more done! But sadly I'm one of those people that If I go more than like 2 days on light sleep you don't want to talk to me. I can make 7hr work for a few days but then I need to catch up. My ideal is 9. That just doesn't happen and I really wish I didn't need it to be a nice person :) I also love being thrifty, running talk and lol and too many! are my love language! :)

  10. I'm a vanilla kinda of gal too!! You can just take it to so many other levels with toppings! Why get another flavor?
    I'm a thrfity girl too!!! Why pay full price? It just doesn't make sense!
    Nothing wrong with having an intentional good cry sometimes! ;)