Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Bucket List Highlights

Happy Labor Day!

Well, it's here guys, Labor Day. The day that signifies the end of summer even though the calendar still shows a few weeks til fall officially begins. 

This summer has easily been my favorite summer in years. I feel like we did more with the girls this year than we had the past 3 summers combined. At the beginning of summer I made a bucket list of things that I wanted to do with the girls. I was completely shocked and thrilled that some how we managed to mark off the entire list.

Today I wanted to highlight my top 5 bucket list favorites. 
Here they are in no particular order.

{ONE} Take the girls to see the "big" fireworks.

So worth the late night and being a bit sleep deprived the next day.

{TWO} Go to the pool.

Not only did we hit up the pool almost weekly the girls took swimming lessons as well. We can put a BIG check by this one!

{THREE} Overnight without the kids.

We went on our first overnight get-a-way since having kids... we should have done this YEARS ago.

{FOUR} Go to the drive in.

The perfect chance to take the girls to see their first drive-inn movie.

{FIVE} Go camping.

Our first family camping trip was definitely the perfect way to end our summer. 


We had so much fun with our summer bucket list that I have decided to work on one for fall. I will post my list on the first official day of fall, September 23rd. Join me if you would like!

What are some must do items that you would include on your fall list?

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  1. Congrats! That's awesome! And here we have fall like weather for the first of September. I'm interested to see what your fall bucket list has on it. :-)

  2. Love it! Glad you got to check everything off!

  3. They don't have drive ins here in Texas. I'm sure it's because it's hot as b!!!s here but that's something I miss from back home.

    1. Drive ins in Texas would be pretty dang hot. I was SO glad that the weather was pretty cool that night. I actually got cold and wished I had brought a jacket. Who thinks to bring a jacket in July?! Maybe you will get a chance to visit one someday. They are so fun, but sadly so few now days.

  4. What a great bucket list! and your highlights were some of my fav posts! So glad you guys finally got a night away and the drive-in sounds so much fun! I think there's still a few open in MI so might be on a future bucket list for us when Callie is older :)

  5. You guys packed so much fun into your summer! Your family made some pretty spectacular memories!