Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's The Little Things: Coffee Dates & PSL's

Starbucks had BOGO this weekend, a rare and happy occasion. Paying $5's for two coffees doesn't seem like such a bad deal compared to $5 each. Plus it really helps to stretch out the dollars I have loaded on my gift card. 

It's the end of September and I still hadn't had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. 

How could I pass up going?!

It would be crazy not to go.

At least that is what I convinced myself to be true. 

 It was Saturday afternoon and Russ was working on the car. So, I loaded up the girls and we went out for "a coffee date". 

And of course I couldn't be the only one to get something. I didn't want to be a rude date ;).

Pink cake pops bring a special kind of happiness to little girls. 

Iced to take back home to dad, hot for mom.

For a few minutes I sat back, enjoyed my coffee and the quiet atmosphere. 
FYI: Cake pops also make for two very quiet little girls.

These were an amazing 2 minutes. 

And then life resumed. 

They were running around, giggling and playing on all of the "fun" chairs. 

I was feeling a bit less than relaxed all of a sudden, but thankfully at 2:00 on a Saturday Starbucks isn't very busy. I needed to remember that they don't have to be quietly sitting like picturesque kiddos in their chairs while mommy sips her latte.

Sometimes I can be a fun killer. A fun killer for no good reason. When they are being bad I know I should get them in line. But when they are just being girls, innocently playing around, sometimes I need to learn to chill out.

After all they are real kids, not robots. 

So maybe it wasn't the quiet date I imagined in my head. But with my PSL in hand and two happy little girls playing I was okay with that.

After all...

And time with my girls is always good. 

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  1. You went for the 2 pump! NICE.

    Did you try a bite of cake pop? Those things are legit. No wonder kids love them so much.

  2. My girls loooove the pink cake pops too!! I had a bite-- they're amazing! And I'm a psl fan as well!!

  3. Coffee dates! Very nice. I had a cake pop once at my friends baby shower and it was so intense. I didn't realize it was like the richest thing ever. Whoa. I'd be hopping around on chairs too after one. And right? There is a difference between behaving poorly and just being a kid. Nice to just let them do their thing. Plus PSL ftw =) I went on Sunday and they were out of PSL. I got the salted caramel mocha frap and it changed my life. yummmm. Think they will do it again with their winter drinks?! Fingers crossed.

  4. So fun! Pink cake pops are special for little girls. I tried to get Callie a chocolate one once (she LOVES chocolate) and she totally refused it because it wasn't pink! So it's always pink for us :) And yay for a quiet starbucks so the girls can play. It's so hard to know when you can let kids be kids out in public like that. :)

  5. I have a little nephew (my brother's son) that just gets under my skin sometimes. I have to remember grace and to love him and remember that he's just a kid. Besides, all boys should be a bit ornery. ;-) So fun to have a coffee date with your girls and it's nice when the place is empty. :-)

  6. It's little moments like this one that the girls will always remember. It doesn't take grand gestures to make a impact, you know? Just a cake pop on a Saturday afternoon.

  7. Two pumps. Good call.
    Loving your perspective on just letting the littles be littles. I'm guilty of letting that get lost in the shuffle of trying to keep a clam and quiet child - which isn't reality.
    Cake pops are a big hit in these parts as well. When we make Target runs SB is often included in our errand running. The request for cake pops is often made, and I can't help but oblige. I mean, if *I'm* indulging who am I to deny such a delicious moment to Marcus?

  8. I took advantage of that deal twice over the weekend. :D

    1. Brilliant, completely brilliant. I just hope they do it again in another couple months for the holidays!

  9. What a sweet Mommy daughter date! :)

  10. This is such a great reminder. I often times find myself as the fun killer too! And even though Ellie is only 16 months kinda a drill sear gent. And I need to let go and allow her to discover more!!!

  11. This is so great! It really is the little 2 minutes of bliss while sipping coffee!

    1. So so true. Those two minutes were amazing. Just thinking about it is making me crave some Starbucks.