Tuesday, September 9, 2014

She Has Potential

A few weeks ago I said our car needed a friend, and I meant it.

 Russ had started itching for a new project car. He was wanting something to work on and I am not so good at saying no. It seems that in these kind of situations, when it comes to cars, I am a bit of an enabler. 

So he started looking, asking, talking around. Just "seeing what's out there", you know? HA!

We looked at a 40 Ford, an old roadster and we talked more. If we were going to buy another car it would be nice if we could fit all of us in it.

 A family car.

There she sat.

A 37 Ford sedan complete with suicide doors
She may not look like much here but she came with all of the missing pieces: running boards, fenders, an extra grill, hood and a front fender. 

So, we brought her home.

These wheels were only put on 37 Fords kind of ugly, but unique!

Original Key

Ford safety glass dated 1937

 She may not be much to look at now but she certainly has potential. 

Now if you are thinking we will traditionally or classically restore her you have it all wrong. She will be left a bit on the shabby, rat rod like side. 

Oddly enough, it is nice to have a new project and a cluttered garage going again. I like hanging out "helping" the hubby in the evenings. It may make for a LONG winter but with a little luck she just might be running by next summer.

Then we can get us a set of His and Hers license plate covers and off to the car shows we'll go.

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  1. YAYYYYY!!!! I can't wait to see how this project shapes up for you.

  2. Seriously that is the most adorable couple's project and quality time! I love it!!!! My father-in-law would love that car too!!!!

  3. I agree with Amanda ^ So cute you two! I'd be like nah...that's all you Chris.