Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas Bucket List 2014

It snowed this weekend and it was beautiful. 

I am not and probably never will be a fan of being cold but there is something so beautiful about the snow. It made for the perfect Sunday.

Snow + Red Cup + Favorite Gloves (that I made) = Happy Mama

Between snow, Christmas crafting and getting ready for a Christmas Link-up I am co-hosting. Thoughts of Christmas are filling my head. Somehow I managed to hold off getting out the decor (again), but I did start putting together a bucket list. We had so much fun finishing our Summer and Fall lists that I knew we needed to do another for the holidays. 

Excited, you bet I am! 

Feel free to snag this list and use it for yourself if you would like. 

And be sure to join us 11/26/14.

What holiday fun are you most looking forward to?

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  1. OH! I need to add a Christmas themed breakfast to my list! We have very similar lists planned too! So excited for the holidays. Oh and we totally put the tree up! :)

  2. Totally linking up with you! It's already on my calendar with several 'alarms' to remind me. :)
    Your gloves. I'm OBSESSED.

  3. Oh my goodness, I am SO excited for the holidays but feel so overwhelmed at the same time! LOL. I think I have about a million things on our list and am worried I won't have time to fit them all in. If only I could take a month off work and just play... that would be ideal!

  4. Where I'm living is up in the air this Christmas, but I hope to be able to decorate a Christmas tree somewhere and wrap presents--two of my favorite things.

  5. I love the Christmas bucket list! I may have to do one of my own. :)

    1. It really helps me keep focused and get everything done that I want, lol. AKA, I am an organizational control freak bahaha. Oh my, at least I admit it. You should totally make one :D!

  6. I'm not a cold, winter lover but I do like the look of the snow. We got our first red cups last night after date night. I need to make a Christmas bucket list.

  7. Can't wait to hear about this Christmas themed breakfast!! I always love your lists and how attainable the goals are!

  8. I am loving these bucket lists!! Such a great idea! how do you make them for the blog?