Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Countdown To Christmas: Week 1

I can't believe week one of  "The Christmas Countdown Link-up" is finally here! After weeks of preparing, planning and promoting it is finally time to start. Before I get started I want to say I am so thankful for this link up and my co-hosts Danielle from Sundaes and Spaghetti and Kelly from Happily Ever Mock.

Week One

Week one at the Newman house has been all about preparations, decorating, and craft projects.

I decided that I would NOT let the Christmas season sneak up on me (again). I sat down at the table with my morning tea, and I made several lists.

Wanting to waste no time I immediately started working on those lists. 

I created and posted our 2014 Christmas Bucket List

I crafted more in a week than I did the whole summer.

And I decorated. Boy oh boy did I decorate. The husband even accused me of being excessive! 

Who, me?! I thought everyone had a Christmas tree in their bedroom. And we do ONLY have 3 trees. (I hope to change that to 5 next year *wink*)! I will admit when I decided to wrap the dining room canvases to look like presents on Saturday I was a bit worried about his reaction.

He didn't even flinch. Maybe he is coming around.... or I am wearing him down.

I started preparing traditions, new and old.

This will be our third year doing a  Christmas book advent and our first year including a more traditional advent calendar.

So glad the hubby and I were able to build this advent tree together.

Every bag has a scripture inside slowly taking us through the Christmas story. As a surprise, some bags have candy and some have fun activities to do as a family. I am very excited to start this new tradition with the girls. 

Even though we were busy with preparations we didn't forget to include some holiday fun.

We attended the Joplin tree lighting ceremony a family tradition since Marissa was 1.5. I will be the first person to admit it is a pretty lame event. But it is a tradition and they remember it. So we keep going. 

The tree may be less than spectacular, but the memories last forever.

City Hall

We were also invited to a friends house for their "Annual Viewing Of The Polar Express". The Polar Express has quickly became one of our favorite holiday movies. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I watched it for the first time last Christmas on Netflix. Sadly it isn't on Netflix this year, AKA we need to buy a copy of this movie pronto. 

Nachos, cookies, cocoa, a great movie and friends. It was a great night!

And that wraps up week one.

With Thanksgiving tomorrow and my naive feelings of being prepared this year, I am so excited to officially kick off the holiday season. 

Our Pretty Little Girls

I hope you'll grab our button, link up and join in the fun.

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  1. I love all the decorations! I started decorating a little bit on Monday. My hubby came home and just shook his head and told Annabelle she was supposed to keep me from decorating. ;) The rest of the decorations will be going up this weekend.

    I like the Advent calendar as well. When Annabelle is older I want to do something similar. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Haha, I just can't help myself. I start taking all of mine down on the 26th and I want them up for at least one whole month.

      Hope you had a great Turkey day!

  2. You are sooo crafty! I love it! Also yay! The link up is here!

  3. congrats on getting things crossed off your bucket list already!! LOVE your advent tree (especially adding the bible verses - care to share them?)

  4. Oh my gosh! I so meant to link up but completely blanked that it started today! I plan to before your link up is over though!
    PS what does the 5 trees next year mean?? You have an announcement?? ;)

  5. bahaha Elizabeth's comment =) Cracks me up when people think you are hinting at being pregnant. annnnyways.
    um dang, I'm still working on all the things. Aria's sleep has been terrible this week. I think she knew I took off from the blog so I would have more time, and I've had less. I love your advent tree! You should post what the verses are too. I was pondering verses but honestly didn't even know where to start.

  6. Oh man... you make me feel like I'm slacking! I need to get on our list ASAP and start doing some of the things from my list. The pressure.

    1. Haha no way are you slacking you still have 25 days to make all kinds of Christmas magic happen!

  7. Woah - your first week you knocked out of the park!
    Truth be told - last year was the first year I saw The Polar Express, and promptly fell in love. It was on TV, and I was quick to DVR it. Marcus and I watched it SEVERAL times last Christmas.
    I know I missed this link up, but I've got something ready to go for this week!! :)

  8. WOW! You did so much to get ready for Christmas - I LOVE it! I still am totally in love with those wrapped pictures! I am seriously thinking of doing one of those activity advent countdowns with Callie next year. Everything looks so festive too!