Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's The Little Things: Snow Day

Sunday morning brought a small snow storm and the girls screamed with excitement at the huge falling flakes. On the way home from church the only thing they talked about was playing in that snow.

How could I say no.

We ate lunch, bundled up, dug the sled out of the attic and headed out.

The sled was a Christmas present, from last year, that I had to cut the tags off of. Last winter was a bit of a disappointment in the snow department. These girls were ready to finally put their sled to use. 

Never in my life did I ever imagine that I would be thankful for this hill. It is TERRIBLE to mow. I tried it once, almost ran myself over with the mower and swore to never do that again. Years of despise led me to this day when we finally had a sled and girls big enough to really enjoy playing in the snow. 

Not everyone is luck enough to have a great sledding hill in their front yard.

Fun for the girls, mom and dad! 


My pretty little snow angel.

And my ornery stinker who clobbered me with a snow ball. Next time, she will regret that decision. 

It's only mid November, technically still "fall", and we have already played in the snow. I am guessing this probably won't be the last time this year either.

And of course the best part of playing in the snow is coming inside for a cup of hot cocoa.

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  1. How fun!!! Love the hello kitty hat!

  2. So much fun!!! My kids would love playing in the snow. I can't wait to take them to see snow when they get a bit older

  3. Perfect yard for sledding! But yeah, I could see how mowing it would be not quite as fun. Glad they finally got to put that Christmas gift to good use :)

  4. Perfect ending to playing in the snow. That's what we do, too! And those masking tape canvases...I made some for our master bedroom. :)

  5. SNOW!!! I think it will be February until we get to spend some time in that madness. Connor has never seen snow in real life so I'm excited to experience it with him.

    And that hill? SLEDDING PERFECTION!

    1. Snow. I am totally fine with a foot of it all winter as long as the roads are clear. If it's going to be freezing it might as well be beautiful. Connors first snow, oh wow that is going to be GREAT!

      I know, we even have the steps to climb back up! So perfect.

  6. YAY!!! You guys have more snow than us so far! Although it's snowing as I type this and lucky for some snow loving little girl I scored a deal on snow pants at Target this am!

  7. That is pretty awesome that you have your own sledding hill! Bummer about mowing though. I use to mow as a kid and the house is on a canal and you'd have to go down the slope to finish up the yard. Terrifying. I'd skip that part. Cocoa is my fave part about being cold!

  8. I'm hoping for a couple days of snow this year so that we can see Ellie walk around and "play" in it!!

  9. While I have to say I don't miss the cold, or the snow all that much, I do miss those days of sledding and hot cocoa. Looks like a great snow day!!

  10. Seriously, the girls look over-the-top joyed with excitement! Love it! I hope Lily gets to experiences snow some day in her childhood. lol ...I guess we should look into renting a snow machine. I think it has to be cold for that though...

  11. Oh my gosh, I saw this pic on IG the other day and was so insanely jealous that you could do this in your front yard! SO. MUCH. FUN!!!