Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites 11.21.14

We did it we survived week #15 of school! That means all of our hard work will FINALLY be rewarded with a week off. I am SO excited.

A week off school, a free schedule, and nothing to do most of the week except bake, watch Christmas movies and talk about Pilgrims. Sounds absolutely perfect to me

Onto this week Friday picks. 

{ONE} Christmas Link-up

Shameless plug #.... I lost track. 

But seriously, the link up starts WEDNESDAY. That is less than a week. So excited and encouraged by how many of you have made plans to join us. You can get the details in this post.

{TWO} Headband Tutorial

This week I posted a little DIY tutorial on how to make your own Athletic headbands.

I say athletic, but they are so much more than just an athletic band. Having a bad hair day, yup these work for that to. Sadly I have been sporting one almost constantly lately. I have A LOT of bad hair days. 

{THREE} Christmas Bucket List

I also shared my Christmas Bucket List this week.

I absolutely love making these lists, filling them with fun activities and being able to check the items off as we go. They have been so helpful with keeping me focused so we don't forget about any holiday fun. Let's face it the holidays are busy and it is so easy to forget about the little things that can make them so special.

{FOUR} Oh Christmas Tree

I did it, I put up the trees (all three of them ). It may have taken me two days but I am done. I can't wait to give a little holiday home tour soon. But for now I will just show you this (pardon the awful, grainy cell phone picture).

Now THAT is a Christmas Tree!

As soon as we decided our living room would have tall ceilings I imagined having a huge Christmas tree. So our first year here I asked for a 9 foot tree, for Christmas. Yes I know that maybe sounds a bit odd, but it works right?! Huge trees have huge price tags. Thankfully I received that gift early. Every year I put it up and think WOW that tree is huge then I grin and stare at it for about a month.

{FIVE} My Very First Giveaway

Yesterday I posted a book review of "The Waterlady" and launched my very first giveaway.

For your chance to win a copy of the book, and a $5 Starbucks gift-card check it out. 
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Have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday!

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  1. Yay for THREE trees!! Looking forward to the link up Wednesday! I've already started drafting my post!

  2. Best tree ever! I love tall trees. I think ours is 9...maybe 8. Awesome job finishing ha. I am not yet. Still same place i was days ago.

  3. This makes me feel a lot better about putting up our tree this weekend! lol

  4. Trees are going up adapt on the farm...maybe I am convince the hubs to put up the lights this weekend!!!

  5. Your tree is so beautiful! Hoping to be able to put up some of our decorations this weekend!

  6. Love your Christmas Bucket List! Might just steal all your ideas ;) And I'm excited for a Christmas Countdown, even though I can't believe it's already that time of year...

  7. My mom has a Christmas tree in every room of her house, and I absolutely LOVE it! We only have one, but I'm working on adding (several) more. Scott has no idea of this plan, but one of these days he may come home and *poof* magically there's a new tree in the house. :)