Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Favorites 11.28.14

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and that the holiday fun continues all weekend.

I am hopping on board the Friday Five train a little late today, but better late than never!

{ONE} Black Friday Deals

I spent thanksgiving morning in bed shopping from my phone. I was able to buy both of the girls their Christmas presents and get some really great deals. 

The present Marissa asked Santa for

And Emily is asking for anything Minnie Mouse. 

I also picked up a copy of the Polar Express... in 3D!!

{TWO} Wish List

I posted my Christmas wish list this week just in case you need ideas for what to get me for Christmas... or my birthday (which happens to be exactly one month away) *wink*. 

{THREE} Button Swap

I am still on the lookout for bloggers to button swap with. If you think we would be a good match you can comment here or email me at

{FOUR} He's Back

Our elf Bob made his grand debut this morning. This year he arrived in an elf style hot air balloon. 

He isn't a naughty elf but he does get into mischief and keeps us laughing all month long. I can't wait to see the shenanigans he gets into.

{FIVE} Sisters

I love the bond these two girls already have. I love that they comfort each other, they giggle with each other and they understand each other.

I went to snap a Thanksgiving day picture and guess who got Emily to slightly participate.... it sure wasn't me. 

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Have a great weekend and we will see you on Monday!

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  1. Happy Friday! Yay for shopping success! I'd be happy to button swap!


  2. What a sweet picture of the girls. I love Elf fun, I can't wait for ours to come this year. I'm so bad at moving it but I have a reminder set so I'll hopefully actually remember to move her. Happy Friday! <3

    1. Haha, I forgot a few times... but luckily I was quick enough they never even realized! Setting a reminder is a great idea!

  3. I love your Elf's arrival. Ours was a little less dramatic... but I will say Connor was not happy about Kringle touching his boat. And I am getting a blog makeover as we speak and once I do, I want to add your button to my side bar. I'm waiting on my new button to reach out to folks, officially.

    1. This year was definitely more dramatic than years past. Connor is adorable, I can't wait to hear all about Kringles adventures. Blog make over, wahoo. I was thinking about changing mine up again soon. I should really get on that. We will most certainly button swap then!

  4. YAY for elf on the shelf! I wanted to do it but think I am going to wait until next year. I can't wait to see all your ideas!
    Did we button swap yet? If not, let's!

  5. Woah - your elf knows how to make an appearance! Might have to swipe that idea for next year. :) We just started with our elf, and it's been SO. MUCH. FUN!
    We also had some great success shopping Friday, as well as the weekend, AND Cyber Monday. It's such a relief to be 99% done shopping!

  6. I'm impressed you shopped from your phone. I'm always afraid i'm going to hit the wrong button and buy 400 items. Why yes, I am technologically savvy! How did you know =) /not. I was so busy with the party this weekend I didn't even have a second to look at any deals. I meant to. Never happened. Cyber monday was my best friend when I was pregnant.