Monday, November 10, 2014

Little Artist: Van Gogh

I am so happy to be back again with another addition to our "Little Artist Series". I hope that you guys have been enjoying these posts as much as we have and that you have had a chance to try one out for yourself.

Here is a recap of the artists that we have already covered. 

This weeks project might just be my new favorite. It was easy, fast and we had a lot of fun working on this one.

Check out this quick article about Mr. Van Gogh. There were so many details about his life that I didn't know before reading it with the girls. I absolutely love when we learn together. It is easily one of my favorite parts about homeschooling

Our project this week was to do an interpretation of one of Van Gogh's most famous pieces "The Starry Night". This project requires just a few basic supplies and about 15 minutes.

Supplies needed:
White paper

The first step was to draw the picture on the paper using crayons. We drew the moon, stars, tower and then with the white crayon we added swirls and lines to our picture. (I obviously helped Emily out with hers,)

Next we used water colors and painted over the picture with blue paint. The girls were amazed at the lines and swirls appearing giving the paint the feeling of movement. 

Such a easy project, but so much fun. I couldn't be happier about how they turned out!

I think Van Gogh would be proud to.

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  1. I think that it turned out great! Love it.

  2. I love love love this idea. I've tried to bring in "famous" art to start teaching my girls, but I thought it was too early. This is beautiful and inspiring. I may have to borrow this idea if that is ok. Thanks for posting such wonderful ideas.

    1. Never to early to start! We will probably repeat these projects in a couple years, or pick a different piece from that artist to replicate! Thank you so much. Borrow away!

  3. Van Gogh was such an interesting man! And, the consumption of lead paint… That part always blows my mind a bit.
    The artwork turned out SO AWESOME! I love it!!!

  4. Oh so much fun!!!! Love this one! I would absolutely love to homeschool because learning along with my kids would definitely be a favorite of mine! I'm a nerd that way. ;)

  5. Love how those pictures turned out!! I can't wait until Annabelle is older and can do more crafts! Pinning this great idea. :)

    1. Thank you, thank you! It is so fun when they get to the age where they really enjoy art and have the skills to do most of it on their own. It will be here before you know it :(.

  6. I always get excited when you post these! The girls did a great job!

  7. Ahh! Those are super cute. I just saw that type of craft not too long ago and loved it. Definitely saving it for the future. fun fun fun