Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day 2014

First off I want to start this post off saying,

Happy Veterans Day!

For those of you who are currently serving and others who have served in years past. To the families; wives, husbands, parents and children. Your service and your sacrifice is appreciated. 

Thank you!

Saturday was Joplin's Annual Veterans Day Parade, or what I like to refer to as home school social studies 101! We have recently dove head first into learning about American history. Our flag, our songs, our freedoms. What a perfect time to talk about Veterans Day. 
It was also a great way to support and honor our veterans.

We headed down town to meet up with our friends. I laughed so hard at the girls "patiently" waiting on the arrival of their friends.


Boredom didn't last long. Our friends arrived and the parade soon began. 

The Boy Scouts were handing out little flags, the kids were thrilled to have their very own. 

We watched, waved our flags and picked up more candy than I imagined possible. 

Seriously, it was insane. My pocket were stuffed leaving me looking like I had a lovely beer gut, HA!

Candy in your hood, why not! Crazy, just plain crazy. All we needed was tons more candy a week after Halloween. 

But, we sure did have a blast!

And what would be an outing with "the crew" if we didn't stop to take a group photo.

Make sure you don't miss a chance today, or any day, to say thank you to those who give so much for our country. 

Happy Veterans Day!

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  1. What a great opportunity for such a fabulous learning experience!!

  2. hahaha, waiting so patiently...love it. That is what I remember about parades...being thrown candy! I didn't think it was still a thing. And, naturally you need lots more right after Halloween. Loving the beer gut. Really letting yourself go after that half marathon huh?

  3. What an awesome opportunity to teach the kids about our service men and women, and all the scarifies they make to keep us safe and free!
    Let's also talk about the "bored" picture. I'm DYING! And, I'm more than loving the picture with the service member handing out high fives along the parade route.