Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014!

Halloween 2014 was definitely one to remember. It was a very busy fun filled day spent with some of our favorite friends and family.

We spent the morning at co-op and the afternoon with friends. We are thankful for friends with trees. Because trees mean leaves and leaves means lots of fun for the littles. Since our sweet friends invited us over we were able to complete our bucket list by the end of October.

And boy did we finish strong.

Gosh this crew makes me smile so much. Four peas in a pod. It was so good to see our sweet friends. We have missed summer and spending time with them. 

After leaf tossing, trampoline jumping and swinging we came home for a quick rest, a bath and a transformation.

Emily chose to be Minnie Mouse, once again. SURPRISE... or maybe not.

Marissa chose to be a butterfly so we made her some pretty awesome wings. From the front her costume was a bit plain, thanks the freezing cold weather.

But spin her around and wing perfection!

We stopped by Meme and Papa's first.

Someone decided to be a bit silly in the car. I could have cried, I was laughing so hard. What she is holding up is her purse which happened to make the perfect trick or treat bag for this year.

Next up was Grandma and Papa's for Pizza and some trick or treating around their neighborhood.

I wish I had a video of this house, M got spooked by a doorbell ringer, screamed and set off all the censored stuff on the porch. What did I do? Stand there and laugh of course.

Two streets, not a ton of houses and we came home with WAY more candy than we need. The pile looks deceivingly small in this picture but I assure you that it was more than enough to have two buckets over flowing by the time it was all accounted for.

Now to avoid eating all of it.

Even though the weather was chilly it was still a great Halloween. One that left me once again loving this stage of life with the girls.

Fall bucket list: COMPLETE

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With our fall list complete it is time to start thinking about Christmas!

What would you add to your Christmas Bucket List?

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  1. Aww! Love the butterfly costume! And that Minnie is super cute! I loved being Minnie Mouse! Still my fave of all my costumes!

  2. so happy you found your leaves!! that looks like a blast! M's butterfly is beautiful!!! and Emily is a super cute minnie - that car picture is awesome!!! Looks like such a fun Haloween!

  3. So much fun!! That leaf pile is amazingly large!!! Love the butterfly wings!! Did you make that costume mom? You're superwoman! Minnie Mouse is a timeless & classic costume...no matter how many times it is worn. ;)

    1. It was a great leaf pile :). Thank you, I sure did make them. The hardest part was cutting all of the design pieces out but I probably did them start to finish in around 3 hours, not bad. I wish I was superwoman ;). She could be Minnie every year for the rest of her life and I wouldn't mind one minute, we can just keep changing it up.

  4. If we didn't get so much rain here in the PNW playing in the leaves would be so fun!! Way to complete your bucket list!!!

  5. What neat little butterfly costume. Love it. And Minnie looks adorable as always.

    1. Thank you! Best part is Minnie didn't cost me a dime and the butterfly wings will continue to get TONS of use until we wear them out! We LOVED Connors Jake costume. Jake is a favorite at our house for sure!

  6. The leaves are awesome! I love the action shots. So much fun. And the butterfly is prefect so cute!

  7. Cute costumes! And great action shot of them throwing the leaves in the air. They look like they're having a ton of fun :)

  8. The leaves - yay!! So glad you found some! I remember growing up and LOVING to jump in the big piles we would rake up. So happy to see your little ladies and their friends had such a good time.
    The girls' costumes!!! I'm slightly obsessed with butterflies, so M's costume is right up my alley! And E's costume?! Yep, she and Marcus would be two peas in a pod, for sure.

  9. That leaf pile is amazing!!!! Mason would LOVE LOVE LOVE to play in that! He's been obsessed with throwing leaves in the air these days. At the park the other day, he picked up every one and handed them to me.
    Also LOVE the butterfly costume! The wings are perfection!