Thursday, January 29, 2015

Recent Favorites {February 2015}

It was 74 degrees today and 60 something the day before. To say I have been a bit distracted may be a slight understatement. I am an outdoor kind of gal. Give me a little warm sunshine, and a sunny place to sit and I am happy for hours. Plus it is supposed to snow here this weekend. We are going from 74 to 47 the next day, plus factor in some possible snow for the weekend. Really?! Goodness I love Missouri weather #sarcasm. 

Having said all of that...
instead of writing a post for today I have been playing outside and it was lovely.

 I thought now would be the perfect chance to share a few recent posts that I enjoyed and give you a chance to connect with some blogs that I love.

Keri at Living In This Season 
Keri recently shared about planning out your day and made a free daily printable. We are called to be wise managers of our time and I often fall short in this department. I am excited to try implementing this system into my routine. 

Desiree at Macke Monologues
Ever since Desiree posted this recipe for Strawberry Coffee Cake Muffins I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of good strawberries in the mid-west. I simply can not wait to try them out. 

Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me
Stephanie has put together a Toddler Bible Study series with simple verses to memorize, focus on and pray over and with you child. I simply can not say enough about how much I love her doing this series. 

Elizabeth wrote a letter to parents who let their kids play on Ipads and phones during church. I must admit this one stung a bit at first, but deep in my heart I couldn't help but agree with the truth that she spoke. 

Courtney wrote a post on why parents should make sure they have a will in place. Russ and I have talked about this countless times, but we have never followed through and finished one. This definitely is something we are going to get finished soon. 

Check them out, follow along and leave some comment love for these ladies. 

Feel free to leave a link in the comments of a post that you have loved recently.

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  1. So jealous of your 70's. Hopefully, we will have that in March, but I won't hold my breath. It will probably be more like May. :)

  2. WOOHOO for the great weather! My fingers are crossed that the cold front isn't too nasty and you can still get outside.
    Thank you so much for the shout out!! I hope some good strawberries make their way to you soon. :)

  3. Great post. We have talked about the Will and it's such a hard but necessary thing to do. We need to suck it up and just get it done.

    Summer Ann
    Simply Summer Ann Blog

    1. You and me both. It is just so hard to follow through with finishing.

  4. YAY for sunny and warm weather! As often as we get it (not trying to rub it in, I swear), I still never take for granted the weather here. Because on those days that it does rain, I am left longing for the sun again. Soak up the sun as much as possible!
    Love this idea for a post to share your favorite posts. I usually just "save/like" on bloglovin and then forget about them. But this is a great way to share with others!