Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Recap: Outside At Last

Happy Monday friends!

This weekend was wonderful, windy but wonderful. It has been WEEKS since it has been warm enough to play outside. We took full advantage of the beautiful weather every moment that we could this weekend. On Saturday that included a trip to the park with our good friends. 

Finally a chance for me to practice my manual mode picture taking skillls outside.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing outside, working on the project car, going to church, reading, movie watching, grocery shopping and Sunday I went for a run outside with some friends.

Weekends like this in the middle of January give me hope that winter won't last forever.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Great photos! I love the girls' sunglasses. We had a great weekend here... and it's stretching into today because of MLK day!

    1. Lucky!!! We crammed to get all our work done early so we could bask in the sun yesterday, it was AMAZING!

  2. Beautiful photos!!! Manual mode is so much easier outside (I think.). I'm just getting back into blog reading - does this mean you got a fancy camera for Cheistmas?!

  3. Great photos again! :) I'm envious you got to go outside- I'm so looking forward to getting back to our family walks and going to the park when it's warm out!

  4. We had an amazingly gorgeous weekend too! We actually wore shorts! Your pictures are gorgeous. Hope you are enjoying your new camera!

  5. Your photos are so good! I'm *this close* to trying out the whole manual mode thing - it's still just so intimidating for me!
    So glad you've had some nice weather to finally enjoy!!

  6. LOVE that picture of them on the slide!!! Great capture!

  7. Okay. I need to take Ellie out to the parks more often and also get my camera out of its bag and start shooting!!

  8. ooh I'm glad you got some nice weather! Right now it is so nice here, but I feel like when summer hits it is like winter for you guys. Way too disgusting to even think about going outside unless water is involved. So when those nicer days hit it is the best!

  9. You did great on manual mode! It's so intimidating to me. I am not sure why. I need more practice. These pictures are lovely and looks like a good time!

  10. We had a beautiful weekend too! Actually it's been nice up until today. It makes winter so much more bearable when you can get outside some.