Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday Talk Week 1 & Giveaways

Tuesday Talk Week 1

It's finally here! I am so glad that you could join us for week one of Tuesday talk.

I know, I know. I keep saying it over and over again but I am so excited for this link-up. I love a link-up that doesn't require me to write a special post. I was already planning on posting on Tuesdays, why not link up and meet some new bloggers?!

Write about anything.
Link-up every Tuesday in 2015!

My first post is going to be about Tuesday Talk. Next week I will resume regular scheduled posting on whatever random subject I happen to be writing about that day.

Tuesday Talk Rules

The rules are simple. The last thing we want to do is burden you down with a bunch of rules over-complicating  the linkup, thus making it no fun.

* Please follow your host in some way, we would LOVE to connect with you.

*Visit some other links and leave some comment love.

*Remember to link back using the button or text link

* By linking up to this link party, you give us permission to feature an image on our blog and social media. Proper credit and links will be given.

Tuesday Talk Button

Our Pretty Little Girls

Tuesday Talk Hashtag

We want to connect with you, what better way to do that than a hashtag.

Tuesday Talk Hosts

(From Left to right starting at the top)

Becky from BYBMG, Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls, Chelsea from The Contented Wife, Elizabeth from All Kinds of Things, Tara from Mrs.Coach Sims, Keri from Living In This Season, Sarah from Abiding In Grace, Lauren from Simply Free , Andrea from Mitchael Journey, Jessica & Katie from Sweet Little Ones, Mandy from Almond Place, Teressa from Teressa Jane

Tuesday Talk Giveaways!!!

That's right I said giveaways, as in 12 of them!

To kick off Tuesday Talk we have an abundance of giveaways.
Each host has graciously offered to giveaway one of their favorite things.

Becky, BYBMG: Jamberry nail wraps sheet
Chelsea, The Contented Wife: Scarf
Elizabeth, All Kinds of Things: Necklace 
Tara, Mrs.Coach Sims: Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
 Keri, Living In This Season: Small daily planner
 Sarah, Abiding In Grace: Marine parents ruffled pouch
Lauren, Simply Free: Mere Christianity
 Andrea, Mitchael Journey: Pollan Family Cookbook
Jessica & Katie, Sweet Little Ones:Year subscription to Better Homes & Gardens
 Mandy, Almond Place: Essi lip balm
Teressa, Teressa Jane: Make It Happen By Lara Casey

And yours truly, once again giving away my favorite cup of coffee with $5 Starbucks gift card.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
12 giveaways, 12 great prizes, 12 chances to win.
12 months to link up with Tuesday Talk.

Good luck to all.

We can't wait to see what you link up with!

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  1. One can never get enough Starbucks!!

    1. Truth, NEVER ever :). So exciting for the link-up to finally be going!

  2. I am so excited to connect with others through this link up too!!!! -Jess

  3. Excited for you to cohost- love starbucks so much!

    1. Thank you so much for having me. I really feel so blessed to have been asked. Excited to watch this link-up grow.

  4. Starbucks is my jam!! HAppy Tuesday. And great idea for a link up!

  5. Starbucks is my fuel! Great giveaway! :) www.sarahefrazer.com

    1. Amen sista!

      Thank you, thank you so excited for our link-up!

  6. I love this link up idea- will be doing this for sure!

  7. I love Starbucks. :) I love the pink flannel plaid one! :)

    1. It is the best! I could seriously go for a coffee right now to :). Thanks for saying hello!

  8. Joined! This was my first link up! Love your blog!

    1. Your fist link-up :)! Yay, that makes me smile. SO glad you joined us!

  9. So glad you ladies are hosting this link-up. I'm with you there- I was gonna post anyway, why not meet some other new faces in the meantime? :)

  10. I love a "generic" linkup where we can share whatever. It always makes me happy to read new fresh blogs and get to see what other bloggers have going on in their world.

  11. Umm, girl... you are speaking my language! LOVE me some Starbucks! YUM!

  12. So thankful to have "met" you today through the new link-up!! You have a wonderful blog. Thanks for the giveway! God bless you in the new year. :)

  13. I would love to link up with you! I can't have coffee, so the Starbucks doesn't mean much to me. Lol But I'd love to get to know some other bloggers and share my passion.

    1. Yes, yes! Come on back and link up with us tomorrow!