Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years 2015

Out of town trips have been a rare occasion for us. Durring our 7 years of marriage we haven't been the best at making getaways a priority or a habit. In fact, this summer was the first time we went away over night without the kids since we've had them. If your a new'ish parent here is some unsolicited advice: don't wait 6 years, just don't.

When Anna asked if we would like to join them on a New Years get away a couple months ago my first thoughts were about how nice it would be. Then my thoughts immediately morphed into a list of reasons why New Years and out of town just wouldn't work. Would the grandparents really want the kids for New Years Eve? Well, it just so happened that they did. My parents graciously offered to take the girls for not only one, but two nights. We just had to go.

We went to stay at a condo in Branson, Missouri where we: ate, took photos, ate, watched movies, ate, talked photography, ate, went shopping, ate, registered for races and then we ate some more. 

Here's a brief look at our trip

We could have bought them all... seriously. We would love to have one from every state. Anyone have any extras lying around?

Live Free Or Die. This one might just be my favorite. 

*Sigh* Seriously so beautiful. 

Me taking a picture....

and the picture I was taking when she took a picture of me taking a picture.

We love this couple so much. This was their anniversary trip marking 12 years of marriage. 

My bearded man and I.

Famous Dave's, one of my favorite places to eat. 

And of course a group photo to mark the occasion.

A New Years/Christmas/Anniversary/Birthday Getaway

 So thankful for refreshing time away and good friends to get away with.
It was the perfect start to 2015!

How did you start your New Year?

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  1. How fun! Happy New Year! BTW, just checked out your Etsy shop! So cute! I will have to make some purchases soon!

  2. So glad that you & your husband had this time alone, as well as with your friends. What a refreshing way to start the new yera!

  3. Your trip sounds AMAZING! SO HAPPY for you guys that you got to get away and I'm sure grandma and grandpa loved some time alone with the girls!
    That license plate shop looks awesome! Hope you got lots of good ones :)

  4. I've been to Branson! We went while visiting my grandparents in Caufield MO. It was nice to get to a big city! :) Glad to see you had a fun New Year's.

    1. Branson is a blast. I have been going there since I was a tiny kid :).

  5. I can't imagine leaving Ellie overnight!! Without me or Thomas being home with her - maybe later this year?

    We are collecting license plates from each state we visit!

  6. Love your photos! Gorgeous! Looks like a great way to spend NYE!