Monday, October 6, 2014

Discovery Center Fun

Last week the Springfield Discovery Center was offering a free admission day. Sure it's an hour drive both ways, but FREE admission?! On a typical day it would cost the girls and I $26 to go. How could we pass up free?

Here are a few things I learned during our time at the center.

1. A 6, 5 and two 3 year olds will give two moms a run for their money in a loud, open, exciting place that encourages them to touch EVERYTHING!

Can anyone say over-stimulation?

We thought this would be a little more educational than it turned out to be. We tried to make up for that with massive amounts of fun. 

2. There will be lots and lots of giggling, sillies, and fun. Especially while hanging out of an oversize nose, or trying to improv news stories. 

3. A very quiet 3 year old girl can quickly sneak off completely undetected, unlike her noisier counterparts. 

4. Discovery Centers are FUN... even when your 30.

5. Field trips are way more fun with friends.

6. At the end you will be EXHAUSTED. But so glad that you went.

Yup, I love me a good field trip. 

What was your favorite field trip? As a kid, or with your kid, anything counts!

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  1. That looks like an amazing place for kids!!!!!

  2. Hahahaha the last pic is the best

  3. It really annoys me that regular prices for museum admissions are crazy expensive!! I definitely chuckled at the over sized nose!! Love ineractive museums! Looks like they had lots of good exhibits! Favorite museum experience has been taking Lily to the Children's Museum for sure! You know it's much more exciting to see through your kiddos eyes! :)

  4. I went to something similar when I was kid. It was tons of fun and I went with several friends. I remember a place where it captured your shadow on the wall and where you could make a sand medallion. I'm sure it was crazy for the parents (probably about 14 kids) but I remember it as a great experience. Got to love homeschool field trips. :-)

  5. You went to a museum on a free day?! With four kids?! You two are BRAVE!!! I've tried free days a few times and it's just too much chaos for me and Callie (maybe she's just too young yet?). Anyway that place looks like a blast! Love the operation table and the TV new cast room. Seems like a great place for a field trip too! And yay for warm enough weather to have a picnic after for lunch!

  6. Your discovery center looks awesome! We have a science center here that's pretty good, but nothing like that!
    When we were growing up we went to Living History Farms in Des Moines. It's a large working farm from the early 1900's. We were able to tour the farm and see how things looked and worked then. It was always my favorite of all our field trips.