Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's The Little Things: Carving Pumpkins

Monday night was our annual " Newman family pumpkin carving party". Earlier that day the girls and I brought them in to get them all ready. First I cut the top off and let the girls take a peek inside.

She wrestled off the lid.

Saw what was inside...

and then smelled it. She wasn't impressed. 

It is funny how every year even I am still caught off by just how gross it is to clean out a pumpkin. It just doesn't get easier girls, sorry. I tried to convince her to stick her hand in and clean it out. She just wasn't having it. 

I printed off several face options and let them choose their own pumpkins face.

Don't even ask because I don't have a clue. I think she was admiring how clean the inside of her pumpkin was. 

"Take a picture mom!" Ummm, okay!

Marissa really wanted to try out tracing the face on. I think she lasted about 10 seconds before asking me to finish it up. 

And then she grabbed my phone and took this picture. I REALLY hope Emily wasn't licking the pumpkin. Whatever they were doing, they thought it was hysterical.

Later that night when Dad came home we sat down at the table together and carved this years pumpkins. 

I do believe they turned out pretty well!

We're almost done now. If only I could find a leaf pile to play in.

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  1. How fun! Love the designs! I am carving ours tomorrow!

  2. Too cute and I love that your printed out face options! I'm gonna have to do that next year!

  3. oooh those are fabulous!! I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween Eve. phew. Love that you let them pick out faces. That is a great idea. Such a smarty. I haven't found our design yet. pics 5 and are killing me.

  4. I love the look of determination on Marissa's face as she's trying to get the top off.
    Your pumpkins turned out great!

  5. You have so many fun photo! Head in the pumpkin, the it smells face, etc! Looks like that had a lot of fun and the pumpkin faces turned out great!