Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favorites 10.3.14

It's Friday!

 Friday and I have managed to come down with an "awesome" cold, UGH! It started with a scratchy throat on Wednesday that quickly escalated. By the time bed time came around I managed to have myself a full blown cold. I am optimistic that I will get through today (some how) and feel better come Saturday (please, oh please, oh please). This weekend has all kinds of fun things planned and I don't want to miss out!

Enough complaining. Let's get started on this weeks 5!

{ONE} Home Tour

On Monday I opened up the door and let you into our home. If you missed out you can take the tour now.

This Monday Courtney from Sweet Turtle Soup is going to be giving a holiday home tour showing off her Halloween decor.

 I can't wait to check it out.

{TWO} Hippie Runner

One thing I can't stand when I run is sweat dripping in my eyes and running down my face. When I first started running I used bandannas to resolve the issue and for over a year now I look like a "gangsta" when I run. Well I am going to change that very soon.

I just ordered some Hippie Runner headbands. I can not wait to get them and try them out.

{THREE} October Baseball #PostCards

Another October another year the Cardinals are still playing baseball. 

We bleed cardinal red at the Newman house and I am proud to say I have been following them the entire 2014 season better than my husband. But I have been equally as excited for the K.C. Royals this week. Very cool... unless it comes down to them and us and then they just have to loose :). 

Seriously though the thought of a Missouri World Series makes me giddy and means that we would HAVE to go to a game. That would be to epic to miss. 

That said all of that game 1 is today so, GO CARDS!

{FOUR} Another Wreck

An unplanned part of Wednesday field trip left me here.

We were in the car just a few miles from the hwy trying to go back home. BAM! Somebody slams right into the rear of me sitting at a yield sign waiting to make a right hand turn.


I just wanted to disappear, vaporize. Why How was this happening AGAIN in the same town as just 4.5 months ago?!?! As if the first wreck wasn't bad enough, now this? Once I stepped out of the car I was relieved to see very minimal damage. Again a flood of emotions, it could have been so much worse.

I would like to find the bulls eye that must be located somewhere on my car and have it removed.

{FIVE} Step Into The Light

Wednesday I decided to open up and write a "this is me" post. If you missed out you can read about my rough week here.  I had, had a terrible week that left me feeling depressed and frustrated.

 Being honest and real is good, it's healthy and it leaves no place for sin and secrets to hide. I needed to not hide.

Your responses of encouragement by emails, Facebook, comments and texts were overwhelming and appreciated. 

Don't hide alone in the dark. Speak truth, step into the light.


Enjoy your Friday and your weekend. I hope you get the chance to do something fun and festive.

See you next week!

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  1. Oh no! Feel better! Happy Friday!

  2. I hope that pesky cold was gone before the weekend. And, SO glad to hear that everything is ok from your wreck. Yikes!

    Here's to hoping KC can make a clean sweep tonight. ;)

  3. Tis the season right? I hope you are feeling better and didn't pass it on! I got sick on October Eve and can't shake the cough. Aria bounced back from her bout with it super quickly, yay - but she too still has the cough. Baby coughs are the lamest.

    What a lame accident. I think Chris' car too has a bull's eye. He got hit twice in parking lots, and then an old lady pulled out into the side a while back. It certainly looks like a hunk of junk now, since Chris doesn't care to get anything cosmetically fixed. Pay attention people, or don't drive. But, always a good thing it isn't worse.