Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Bucket List 2014: Corn Maze

Fall is here, October is here and all week I have ready to tackle our Fall Bucket List. So much to do in such a short amount of time.

We just might have the best Edward Jones Adviser who also happens to know how to throw a great party. On Saturday we were invited to go check out Pathways Corn Maze. That worked out perfect because going to a corn maze just happened to be on our list.

First up we hopped on a hay ride and went around the corn field. October and hayrides, I could barely handle all of the fall excitement. Not to mention the weather was cool enough that we were wearing sweatshirts.

At least someone was smiling, and looking.

Up next was the barrel train. 

Then a quick run through the hay maze to get us ready for the "main event".

My selfie hating husband humored me while we waited.

Fun photo-ops were everywhere.

Finally we were ready to tackle the 19 acre maze.

If you ever decide to go through a corn maze it is very helpful to have two things.
1. A map 
2. Someone who can read said map.

Lucky for me, I had both. With the map in hand Russ was effortlessly navigating us through the maze. Some people say a map is cheating. But 19 acres, 2 small kids. You are a braver soul than I am.

This years maze had a Snoopy theme. 

After a trip through the corn maze we sat down for snacks, cider and took a few more runs through the hay maze before heading home. 

Corn maze, CHECK!

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What fall activities have you done so far this year?

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  1. Looks like such a fun time! Love Charlie Brown!

  2. so much fun!!! 19 acres?! Holy moly! How long did that take to meander through? You always have such fun Bucket List ideas! Thanks for linking up with us this week. Can't wait to see what fun ya'll get into in the weeks ahead!

  3. I've never been to a corn maze (and I won't be there Saturday so I'll miss that corn maze!), BUT as a kid we went to Apple Town in Arkansas. That place was full of fall goodness....including apple cider of course. Fond memories. Just think, you're creating memories for you girls. If I can remember stuff, they sure can. :-)

  4. oh gosh yes a map is necessary! I'm not sure I could read it, but perhaps. I vaguely remember reading a map to get through SC back in the day before that handy dandy gps gadget. How long did it take? I've never done a corn maze. Chris's folks live next to corn so he took me through a bit once, until I was like no way there are aliens. Maze sounds more fun. p.s. your husband and eldest smile the same way =)
    Thanks so much for linking up with us today! Keep having lots of fall fun with your stupid awesome fall weather.

  5. Something so festive and fall-feeling about a corn maze! Sounds like a great way to enjoy the season with your family.

  6. YES! What a perfect weekend, and I'm envious of your sweatshirt weather! We used to do a corn maze every year in KC. Now, I can't find a corn maze to save my life.

  7. OH MY GOSH! That maze looks so fun and so hard! I have a horrible sense of direction so I would most definitely be lost in there for like a week but luckily my husband is pretty good at reading a map. But that map looks so hard!
    What a fun weekend! Love all the photo ops with that barrel train and the standees.

  8. So we totally thought about taking our two kids (almost 4 and 1) to the corn maze this year, but we decided that they might not have the stamina yet, but it will be on our list for the future. Looks like you all had a lot of fun and I agree, you need a maze.

    1. Yeah, it is pretty tricky. I was worried that our two may not make it through but they did (thank God). We had a blast! I am already looking forward to going back next year!

  9. Fun! I love me an old small town corn maze!

  10. It looks like your weekend was top notch! Did ya'll have the perfect Fall weather? We had a taste of it and now it's 93 again.. gag!

    1. It was pretty fabulous. The weather was INSANE. It was like 39 degrees that morning. That is more like winter than fall. It warmed up into the low 60's, warm sun, gentle breeze. Fall perfection. Then next day it was mid 70's but now were back up in the 80's. Gotta love Missouri's constantly changing temps.

  11. That is awesome!!! First things first though, your hair! I am so jealous of it you have no idea!!!! I don't think I've ever been on a hay ride!!!

  12. Looks like a perfect fall weekend! I love all of it! We are waiting for Callie to be older to try a corn maze and we will totally have a map! A hayride is coming up in our near future! This house stuff just keeps getting in the way - good thing she's young enough to not remember if she has a lame fall this year :) Thanks for linking up with us!