Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's The Little Things: Empty Parks & Picnics

We are currently working on our second year of homeschooling at the Newman house. Although if you have been reading along for a while now chances are you already know that.

 Homeschooling has been the perfect fit for our family and has came with all kinds of unexpected perks

Like this.

Beautiful day, sunny skies and an empty park. No crazy kids pushing and climbing everywhere, no having to wait for the swings just us and some fresh air. It is nice to have the occasional quiet trip to the park. 

We met up with friends

Had a picnic.

Drew with chalk.

And played.

A picnic lunch away from home.

Something so simple, but such a day brightener for us.

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  1. So fun! Can't wait for these days with Hallie!

  2. So much fun!!! I empathize completely!!!! Last week, Lily and I had a similiar experience. We stayed at the park, just me and her, for over an hour. It was perfection to say the last!

  3. I've often wonder if there was a way to home school but to get out of the house a bit too. I don't know how I would manage being a teacher and parent all day long. But that's sorta what a SAHM is though, too.

    1. Homeschooling provides the most AMAZING freedoms. It is fabulous. We can do things on OUR schedule. If we want to work extra hard in the morning and go to the park we can. If we want to take a short day and make it up later, we can. Heck, we can even do school at the park. You are exactly right. It really isn't that different than being a mom just a little more formal on the teaching end.

  4. That looks like a perfect day! A gym class field trip right? :) As a SAHM to a non school age kid I pretty much love it when school's in session so the parks are nice and quiet!

  5. Absolutely the perfect day :)

  6. What a PERFECT day! There's not much better than an entire park and playground to yourselves!

  7. Umm okay that has to be the coolest park with exercise equipment!!! And those chalk pumpkins are really good!!

  8. ahhh love it! Empty parks. My fave. I really hate crowds. It is amazing that I love Disney so much. Did you draw that pumpkin? It is rocking. Aria's drawings look better than mine. ooph. I wish Aria liked picnic food...sandwiches mainly. I thought it was a kid rule to like pbandj. I bet she'd be down for a bag of potato chips though.