Thursday, July 2, 2015

Girl Mom Series: Katie, Cup of Tea

Hi! I'm Katie and I blog over at Cup of Tea, a little hodgepodge of fashion, beauty, home, daily life, and being a mom. Basically, it's like you came over for a cup of tea, and we just get to sit and chit chat! I'm a mom to our sweet, precious toddler Elizabeth, who is just a delight!

I found myself all sniffly a few weeks ago. I'm not normally sniffly, and if you have ever read my blog, you know I'm rarely deep or serious. So this was kind of a big deal...

We were in the middle of snack time, and I had cued up a Veggie Tales for my 20 month old daughter, Elizabeth, to watch. (Who else loves Veggie Tales??)

We were watching a little tale about Snoodlerella, a fun, sweet, kind girl who feels awkward, dorky and not beautiful.

For those that haven't seen this delightful tale, here's the story: Snoodlerella isn't happy in her skin because people around her (evil stepmother types) tell her she's not pretty, awkward, dorky... Snoodlerella so wants to go to the ball, but thinks she won't fit in there. Along comes a fairy godmother to give her a make over just in time for the ball (sound familiar?) and off she goes! Only to discover that she now feels even MORE awkward in her new and improved self, and still feels down.

But then, enter The King.

He asks her for a dance, and this little Snoodlerella thinks it's a bad idea - she's a poor choice. But the King thinks differently:
"I think you’re beautiful,” the King said as he smiled. “I treasure you deeply. You’re lovely, my child. I think you’re beautiful - your hair and your braces, your glasses and clothes, your cumbersome graces.
And many more traits which I could speak of, there’s nothing about you I don’t truly love. You’re kind and you’re honest, funny and smart. You’re really quite charming you have a good heart.”
Little Snoodlerella doesn't believe Him. It can't be true...
“Of course it is true, every word that I say. Daughter I am the King. I made you that way. I delight in your beauty, you’re wonderfully made. I knew you before the foundation was laid. You’re precious to me, every hair on your head, daughter, hear and believe.”
Cue my tears. I was sobbing over in a corner while my daughter Elizabeth munched on her Goldfish crackers.

And here's why I was crying.

We women all have issues about ourselves with which we struggle. I can think back to that awkward stage in middle school where I felt like I didn't fit in. Or, more recently, that time last week when I was with friends and just felt fat and boring...

And my sweet, precious, hilarious, smart daughter will probably have those same moments at some point. She will have moments where she feels less than perfect, feels ugly, feels awkward and out of place.

My responsibility as her mommy is to prepare her to face those moments, and to teach her to hold her head up high and be proud of who she is, despite what the world (or her inner monologue) is telling her!

But HOW??? Oh my goodness, if I can't keep a negative inner monologue out of my own head, how can I teach her to?

Enter... The King.

You see, The King saw little Snoodlerella as a perfect child, because He created her to be just as she was. Even if the world (or that inner monologue) tells you differently, The King is just smiling at you, proud of who you are and who you have become.

As a Girl Mom, my job is to teach my daughter that when it feels like the world doesn't like you, know that God loves you just the way you are. And that's all you need to know!

And it's a good lesson for me as a mommy to learn too.

Thank you so much for sharing today Katie.

Is anyone else now crying or is it just me? 
That was such a simple and beautiful reminder of just what true, Christlike love looks like. A love I want my girls to know more than anything in the world.

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  1. This was so beautiful! And something I totally needed to hear!

  2. What a wonderful post Katie. You're so right that this is not just a message little girls need to hear, but us grown women as well. I've thought about how I need to raise my daughter to know that she is beautiful both inside and out and the inside beauty is what really matters. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Yes, Megan!! It was a lesson that my heart needed to hear as a mom AND a woman!! Thank you for your comment.

  4. So glad the thought touched you!! It definitely was something I needed to hear too.

  5. What a great story followed up by something we all need to remember. Sometimes it is so hard though!

  6. So hard, Sarah! It's almost a constant battle for me, and it's so intimidating thinking I've somehow supposed to teach my daughter this despite me failing! But just have to keep on keeping on. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Valley Family FunJuly 2, 2015 at 7:54 PM

    Beautiful story with a great lesson! I need to find this episode! would be good for my Jr. High Class to watch!

  8. Thank you! It's a part of the Sweetpea Beauty video, which is on Netflix right now if you have that.