Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Mid Summers Night

This past weekend was a great but busy weekend. We spent time together, played, did chores and started working on the home school room. Let me just take a quick moment to say my husband amazes me and I am now more than ever so excited to share that space with you when it is done.

The highlight of our weekend had to be the Mid Summers Night Fun Run. It was fun run #I lost count and a good time for all. Today I wanted to share a few details while bombarding you with pictures of cute kiddos running. What can I say, for this running mama it just doesn't get much cuter. I hope you enjoy them too.

Our local Kia dealership sponsored our girls to run in this race.
They wore some super cute Kia shirts for advertising, my girls got to race for free. It was a win, win for all.

Getting ready for race time.

Pre-race family photo

Here they are "the crazy quartet" as we like to call them.
It doesn't get much cuter than this group. 

Marissa was off to race by herself but Emily decided she wanted to race with daddy so mommy could take pictures.

Your mom might be a blogger if... 

Lined up ready to race. 

Anna and I busy doing our proud mama thing.

And before we knew it they were off!

Marissa was all business

Emily was quite possibly the happiest little runner ever.

This was a pretty simple race out and back on a local gravel trail.
About 9-10 minutes later here came Marissa.

For the first time ever Marissa managed to come in first among the 4 friends. To say she was excited may be a slight major understatement. I think she said "I beat Jonathan" to anyone who would listen to her. In fact I had to have a talk about being a humble "winner" with her in the car.

I must add that I did smile to myself. It brought back so many memories of being a little girl who used to always beat the boys. There is just something so exciting about that when your 7. Don't get used to it baby girl. Here in about 6 more years things just change. 

Emily on the other hand....still smiling and having a grand old time she came in towards the back of the pack.

She was cheerfully greeted by her sister who was probably saying "I beat Jonathan!"

A great race always requires a post race snack.
What better than ice cream in mid July!

Yup, definitely the highlight of the weekend.

Now they are already asking the question that every runner asks when finishing a race.
"When can we do it again?"

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  1. Marisa is becoming quite the runner!!! I love making memories with Lily while she does runs with her daddy. She races more like Emily though haha. She could careless about winning she is just out there to have fun! I think her daddy is waiting for that competitive streak to kick in. ;)

  2. Oh my gosh! Seriously SO cute! Marissa totally looks like a mini you (especially with that headband! so cute) and Emily is the cutest, happiest little runner there ever was! I love this!

  3. I can’t wait to see your home school room!! Eeek, so
    exciting! I just adore that your girls love to run like their mama. Great
    pictures. And I just adore your camera strap. I still need to do that. And yes,
    so exciting to beat the boys. What girl doesn’t love that? Nothing but a little
    friendly competition. Ha! And Emily’s smile in all of the pictures just makes
    me smile and giggle. So precious! And I think ice cream is the perfect after
    race snack!!

  4. Such great pics in this post! Love the super smiley Emily pic up there in the middle somewhere. And, "She was cheerfully greeted by her sister who was probably saying "I beat Jonathan!"" made me laugh.

  5. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesJuly 14, 2015 at 2:00 PM

    So. AWESOME!! I love that Marissa is so into running. She's got all the makings of a competitive runner! And, oh my gosh, could Emily be any happier?!! LOVE!!

  6. Hehe! I knew you'd love this. I really hope this love for running continues to grow. For now we'll keep feeding it.

    That Emily :) bound to be a heart breaker.

  7. Thank you :). We got some pretty great ones that night. Silly little girls.

  8. Hehe :). I am so excited to have our homeschool room finished and ready!
    That camera strap tutorial is my #1 post and has been pinned almost 1,000 times!!!

    I hope this love for running continues to grow for years to come.

  9. I know, right?! Where does all that sass come from? Surely not me ;).

  10. Me too I hope it just keeps on growing!

    Oh yay! I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks dear :)!

  11. Thank you so much! Watching them grow to love running makes my heart so happy!

  12. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I am pretty stinking excited about the new found competitiveness. I have always been a bit that way myself. I bet Lily will get there eventually. Especially with an.invested daddy :).

  13. Thank you! I can't take credit for all of these a couple I grabbed off Facebook from the race photos. You should totally do a free online course though!

  14. Their smiles and excitement is adorable. What a great family event to do together. You should be very proud. Great role modeling here mom!

  15. Emily's smile is just contagious!

  16. Thank you so much. That really means a lot :).

  17. Ah I love it! Little runners- the most cutest thing!