Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Highlights 7.31.15

Hello Friday!

Happy Friday friends!
The weekends arrival is always so bittersweet during the summer. I have a pretty exciting weekend planned but another week of summer is now over and honestly that just makes me sad. But, soon school will start back up and I may (May? Ha!  HUGE understatement.) be a bit more excited for Fridays to arrive again. 

Now onto our Friday thing.

{ONE}  On The Blog This Week
This week I shared about a little girl who fell in love with some REALLY big roller coasters.

The importances of making time for yourself.

A Q&A about me and blogging.

And I did a fun hour by hour post with lots of photos. 

{TWO} The Drive-Inn

One thing left to cross off of our bucket list is a trip to our local drive inn. This weekend we plan to fix that by going to see Minions. We are so excited minions + the drive inn it is going to be so much fun.

You can take a look at last years summer drive inn trip here

{THREE} Friendship

There once was a girl who felt she had no friends. She would cry and pray and plead for God to bring friends into her life to walk with her and He did. 6 years later I look back at that girl and wish I could share so much with her and where she will be in a few years. God has abundantly blessed me with so many great friends.

Sarah from Abiding In Grace wrote a beautiful post on friendship earlier this week. 'Five Steps to Finding and Keeping Friendships' I instantly knew that I wanted to share it with others so their hearts could be encouraged too.


{FOUR} Back To School

Today officially marks 10 days until we resume classes at "The Newman Independent Christian School" AKA home school. 

Last year I wrote a post about making back to school special.

I can't help but look at this list and feel the need to go bigger this year. Back to school was so fun, exciting and cute those first few years.... but now Marissa gets it. She has come to appreciate summer for what it truly is and she isn't 100% excited to get back to the books

I plan to do some thinking this weekend and come up with a few more ways I can make back to school as exciting as I possibly can... or at least a few ways to finish out summer break with a bang. 

Do you have any back to school traditions?

{FIVE} Women Of The Word

Tuesday night I spent an hour or two out with my Sarah. Oh it was so good to spend some time sitting in Starbucks catching up on life. We used to meet about every week to talk and read and pray. Things changed when our church closed back in March and with her work schedule and my busy home school mom life we had only got together a few times since then (Not that we don't text multiple times every day). 

There is just something so nice about sitting with someone 

She surprised me with this book Women of the Word.
I can't wait to dive in, in fact I already have. It is a book that teaches you how to study the Bible something I believe everyone could use a little help with. It is going to be so good to read together and meet together more frequently again. 

We were not meant to walk through life alone. 

Friday Linkup Parties

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Have a great weekend!
We will see you back here soon!

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