Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Love & Hate

Recently Whitney from Work It Mommy and Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side tagged me to do a love/hate/tag post. All you have to do is share 10 things you love, 10 things you hate and then nominate 10 bloggers to join in.

Here we go...
1. Jesus
Maybe that sounds cliche but I don't care. For me it is more than a catch phrase it is a life source. He is everything and without Him I am nothing. The end. 

2. My Family
Maybe an obvious one but this list wouldn't be complete without them.

3. Christmas & Christmas decorations.
Give me all the Christmas.

4. Running/Exercising
Never imagined saying that ^.  It is always worth the early morning wake up to get my workout in. Just last week I celebrated my 2nd runniversary. For two years I have been pursuing a healthier me and I haven't looked back since.

5. Being a stay at home/ home school mom
Best job ever. So thankful for a husband who works so hard to make it happen.

6. Cars
Specifically old cars. We have a 31 Model A and a 34 Ford Slantback that the hubby is currently building.

7. The feeling of completing a task, big or small
Confession: Sometimes I add things I have already done to, to do lists just so I can cross them off.

8. Late nights on the patio with friends
Bonfire optional.

9. Clean sheets.
If I didn't dislike changing the sheets as much as I do, I would change them every day!

10. Open windows
Some of my favorite days at home are the crisp fall days when I can open all the windows. 

1. Mondays
Simply the worst day of the week.

2. Burpees
Squats and lunges aren't exactly fun but burpees, UGH!!! Why, just why. 

3. Math
Someday Marissa and I will have LOADS of fun doing algebra together #sarcasm.

4. The broken world we live in.
Ex: Cancer sucks.

5. Rain & Storms
Rain & thunderstorms used to be so calming but I suppose surviving a tornado can change that for a person.

6. Any floral scent
Cue massive headache. I just can't do flowery smells.

7. Being lied to.
Especially if it's by my kids. Any punishment will be 10 times worse if you get caught in a lie. Lies build walls and separate. I hate that.

8. Dirty floors
I often wear flip flops in my own house because I can't stand the feeling of dirt sticking to the bottom of my feet. I clean the floors all the time but it just feels like I can't stay on top of it.

9. Black coffee
Black is for the birds. A little creamer in my coffee is a must.

10. Having blood drawn
I have what they call "white coat syndrome" as soon as I see "that person" my blood pressure and heart rate go through the roof. Does anyone really enjoy having blood drawn though?!
I'm supposed to tag 10 people to join the fun and fill this out too. If your not on the list and want to join in the fun go for it!

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Your turn: Tell me one thing you love & one thing you hate.

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  1. I love these kinds of posts :) I'll definitely play along soon. I don't love really any coffee unless it is half creamer!

  2. Thanks for tagging me! I'll be sure to share to answers soon! I love your number 1 love. I've recently learned that it doesn't matter what others think about your thoughts/feelings on Christ. All that matters is what you feel to be lead to share, think and believe.

  3. Love this post! Sarah tagged me as well and I have this drafted. I'm not done yet, but you and I have a lot of the same loves & hates!

  4. I have more fun with these because they really tell so much about you! Happy Runniversary! Do you have any posts about how you started your fitness journey? Id love to learn more :)

  5. Oh this is fun! I'll play! (When I find the time!)

    That Maury picture made me LOL

  6. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesJuly 22, 2015 at 7:25 PM

    Ooooh, this is fun!!!
    This will be the perfect post when life gets kind of crazy once the little one arrives!
    I'm totally in love with Jesus, the running, the completing of tasks (and crossing them off), the clean sheets (but despise changing them), and the crisp air.
    And, yep, hate the lying, the dirty floors (I'm always in flips and Scott hates that), and candles that are floral scented (barf).

  7. Yes! I love these posts that don't take much thought or preparation. It is funny that they are often some of the funnest ones to read too.

    I totally get the flippy flops on all the time. I just can't do dirt on the bottoms of my feet. Russ has finally gave up on harassing me about it.

  8. Yeah you are my fellow Monday hating friend :). Totally try it again when the girls are a bit older. You may just fall back in love with it :).

  9. Thank you!!!

    These are such fun posts to write and read. Thanks again for the tag.

  10. Hehe! Yes. I have had this one on my idea list since I got my first tag a few weeks back. It's nice to have simple posts to throw together when you have a minute. I really love reading these kind of posts too. Fun little getting to know you more facts are always good.

    Oh me too :). I am actually still laughing about it.

  11. Yes! I really enjoy these posts too. I am pretty sure that I do.

    Here is the main one about my journey the first year. If you search running in my blog it will pull up A TON of posts but this is probably the best one to read about my first year.

  12. They are super fun to write and to read as well.

    Amen sister. A pale color of tan is what I aim for ;).

  13. I'll keep my eyes out for yours. I really love reading these posts, they are so much fun.

  14. You bet! These are super fun posts to read and pretty easy to put together, a total win win.

    YES! So much truth in those words lady.

  15. Oh this is so fun! I love getting to know more about you! Math...ugh!

  16. Thanks for the tag, lady!!! We just might be the same person. I basically hate all of the things you do!!! I think

  17. I love your Love List and can relate to quite a few on your Hate List! Ugh, Burpees!

  18. They are simply just the worst ever :(. I would do 100 squats before I would do 10 burpees.

  19. Hehe! I knew we would get along well by the little things I have learned about you reading your blog :).

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  20. Isn't it fun?! I really like these kinds of posts.

    Math is THE worst. I don't even want to think about doing math when she is older. Maybe we will hire a tutor.