Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Bucket List Update: Halfway There

Summer is fading away fast and I feel like there is still so much fun to be had.

Today I want to have a little Summer Bucket List check in so we can see what we have done, what is left and hopefully get back on track so we can cross off all the things.

As of this morning this is where we are on our list. 

Go to the pool
If there is anything we have rocked at this summer it has been logging a ridiculous amount of hours at the pool. My little girls have turned into golden brown beach babies even though I am spending half of our monthly budget buying sunblock. 


It has been amazing watching their swimming skills grow more and more every day. We are currently in the middle of our swim lessons so I will share more on their progress in the upcoming weeks.

Family Ice Cream Dates
We have made more than one late night trip to Sonic for half price shakes this summer as a family and just last week the girls and I ruined our lunch by stopping by for half price cones an hour before lunch. 
Sometimes ice cream for lunch is just a good idea.

We saw some big ones and lit off a few ourselves. Both girls were really into lighting off their own fireworks this year too. 

Family Vacation
You can read about our family trip to St. Louis here and here. We hit up downtown, the zoo, the science center, Magic House and a few other places. It was just what we needed to get away and recharge a bit. Russ and I are already scheming up ideas for somewhere new to visit next year.

Baseball was spent in a box at the Joplin Blasters game over 4th of July weekend. It was fantastic and we can not wait to go back again. Emily said "I just love basketball" #fail. Me too kid, me too. We clearly need to educate her a bit more in the sports department.

Date Night
The girls had a birthday sleepover for their cousins birthday at Meme & Papa's house meaning mommy and daddy had an unexpected date night. We tried out a new local pizza place, stopped by the mall to pick up Russ' VERY late Fathers Day gift and ended our night with a quick stop by Aldi. 
We like to live on the edge. 

Trip To The Zoo
The zoo was part of our vacation and probably our favorite part. It was cool, drizzly and the perfect weather. St. Louis has an amazing, free zoo and I would love to go back the next time we go for a visit.


So over all I think we are pretty on track to finish our list. We are about halfway through summer and halfway through our list. Swim lesson are under way, a picnic with friend is scheduled this week and I finally bought a popsicle mold just the other day. Now if only I could just get that play date planned, I think we might actually have a shot at completing our list. 

How is your summer bucket list going?

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  1. You've had such great adventures. I look forward to when my boys are a little older so pool outings are a little more enjoyable.

  2. Y'all are doing awesome! We are so behind! My girls have been on SO many trips! Is it sad that I am ready for Summer to be over though...

  3. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesJuly 15, 2015 at 8:31 AM

    Summer is just flying by. Why does this season go so quickly?!
    Your bucket list is whittling down, and you've done so much!
    Woohoo for date nights and ice cream and pool days and vacations and all the fun that only summer seems to bring!!

  4. Wow! You are well on your way to completing the list! I need to check ours to see if I can cross anything off!! Ha

  5. Yay for date night! We're at half on our Summer list too. Thank goodness theres more summer left (though I have to say I LOVE Fall!)

  6. It looks like you're having a fun summer!!! Ice Cream for lunch sounds like a GREAT idea!
    We accomplished all but 4 things on our list. We still have to make it to the splash pad, go to the lake, go backyard camping with friends, and end our summer with a week at the beach! I'm sure time is going to fly!

  7. Half priced shakes?! What time is that at?! I can definitely get on board with that, ha ha! You guys have been soaking up the summer fun and I love it! Wish we could join you at the pool!!

  8. Half price shakes are every night of the summer after 8:00! You should go, tonight ;).

    Oh how fun that would be :). We love pool time with friends.

  9. You guys are cruising right along! I'm a bit nervous to do a check in on our summer list. Lol! That pool looks like a blast!

  10. We really have had some pretty great adventures, it's just the season we are in right now. I am TRYING to soak it all in before they don't think I'm cool anymore :(. Maybe that won't happen. I can hope and pray! It seems like just yesterday the pool trips were SO MUCH work. They grow up fast!

  11. NOoooo!!!! Don't wish away summer, I don't want to get back to the books yet ;).

  12. Because it is the best ever... okay, after Christmas it is the best ever and Christmas goes by SO much faster. We have had a super busy, really low key, simple, fun summer and I am LOVING it. School is going to start SO soon :(.

  13. Lol! Gotta love the busy life that summer brings. I was really worried the only thing we'd be able to cross off was vacation stuff and the pool. I have a feeling the second half of the list will not be as easy to get through :(.

  14. Haha! That is just how summer goes lady, so, SO busy. So many plans, so little time to do it all.
    Thank you, we really try as long as the weather cooperates. Maybe that is because they are getting blonder by the day to? All of that sun is really bleaching out their hair :). I love my little beach babies.

  15. Yes, I give us until Labor day to cross of everything and then I am so over summer. Bring on all things pumpkin and fall lists are the best! But come November first forget fall and bust out the Christmas everything. Then life for me is pretty sad until summer comes once again. Can we just skip the first 4 months of the year?

  16. That is the story of summer. So, so busy. You have some pretty amazing excuses too so give yourself plenty of grace :).

  17. It is FANTASTIC you guys should totally do it :). All but 4 things?! That is AWESOME. Summer always flies by :( I wish it could last forever.

  18. We too have been at the pool most of the summer, but we now have 15 days left till school starts, buuummer! At least we excelled at our bucket list. Looks like you guys are cruising right along on your and having fun in the process :)

  19. Aww sorry! I just can't stand the Texas heat and miss scarves, boots, soups and pumpkin everything! And as much fun as I'm having with my girls I really miss my Hallie and mommy time!

  20. Thank you, friend! I'm trying. :)

  21. You go girls!! Who is teaching the girls swim lessons? An instructor
    there at the pool? Or you? Swim lessons are so important. Mason is ready to do
    more. We are happy that he finds them enjoyable. Not much can beat family ice
    cream dates!! Yay for a date night. We tried out a new pizza place last weekend
    called the Mellow Mushroom. Do you guys have those there? If so, I highly
    recommend it. So delicious!! Looks like you guys are having a really great
    summer. Cheers to that! PS - I just finished my bucket list update post…took
    forever! Whew!

  22. no no no, ice cream for lunch is always a good idea!!!

  23. You guys have been having so much fun!!! I'm always jealous when I see your pictures :) And umm, ruining your lunch with ice cream. BEST MOM EVER.

  24. Aaahhh thanks :). You totally need to ruin your lunch someday. It definitely won't be the last time the girls and I do it.

  25. I probably wouldn't have agreed with you until I tried it. Now I say YES, it was perfect.

  26. Only 15?! Geez I thought we were the first ones going back to the books we have 22.... not that I am counting. Summer has been amazing and awesome and we'll keep having fun all the way through Labor Day then we'll welcome all things fall!

  27. The public pool has them, the lifeguards are the instructors. I work with them too when we're at the pool. I have never heard of the Mellow Mushroom, bummer.

    Some posts are just SO much work, others go by super fast. I guess it all balances out?