Thursday, July 23, 2015

Girl Mom Series: Megan, Baby Belle

Hello everyone I am Megan and I blog over at
I blog about anything and everything that tickles my fancy and usually that involves life as a mom and our day to day life. I am so honored to be a part of this girl mom series hosted by Beth. Here is an open letter to my two girls, Katie who is 4 months shy of being a 3 year old and Ella who just turned 1 month old.


To my dearest daughters,

My heart floods with an overwhelming sense of emotion when I think about you. I know things haven't been the easiest this past month as we have been adjusting to becoming a family of four but I assure you my love runs just as deep and flows just as freely. Becoming a mother of two beautiful girls is definitely a huge highlight in my life. Katie when you were born every fiber of my being sparked with a new passion and Ella you have only fanned the flame and made it grow. The giggles, tickles, bubble baths, toenail painting, fairy tale reading, cooking & baking, late night chats and romance movie watching (Katie loves Jack from Titanic) has blessed me oh so dearly. As a mother my greatest desire is for you girls to have Christ in your heart and know Him deeply. To seek and chase after Him everyday. I ask and pray that I can be of such an example to you of a woman after Gods own heart. I never would have guessed I would be the mother of two beautiful girls when I was a child. Maybe I would have one of each gender or a couple of both.

Nothing beats having you two ladies and I see it as the biggest blessing. You two have touched my heart in such a unique and special way. I dream of the relationship we may one day have and cherish the one we hold now. Katie you are a wild and rambunctious toddler with the most merciful heart and sweetest snuggles. Ella you are my new itty bitty nursing babe who sleeps on my chest as we learn each other and strengthen our bond. You both fill a space in my heart and spirit God created just for you to fill. I could go on and on and on... 

Just remember what we always say 

"You are beautiful, unbreakable and you light up in the dark and God made you."

Love always, 
Your Mother.

Thank you so much Megan for sharing such a beautiful letter with us today. I also want to add a big congratulations on the birth of another beautiful girl. Your girls are so precious and blessed to have a mommy like you.

Make sure to check out Baby Belle to read and learn more about Megan and her beautiful family.

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  1. I love open letters, they are so sweet and really save a moment in time. Beautiful girls!

  2. I just adore Megan and her girlies!! :)

  3. adorable, I love how everyone has a different take on this series.

  4. Thanks for reading! I agree, it will be fun to look back and read someday. :)

  5. pshhh-I adore you guys too!

  6. This series is so cool. Super glad Beth started it. :)

  7. So nice to meet you! What a wonderful letter. I love how you remind them of their strength and that God made them. Your girls are beautiful!

  8. This is SO sweet!!

  9. I love those things too Jen. One of the first questions we start with our girls is "Who made you?" :).

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  10. Isn't it?! Thanks for reading Ashley :).