Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blue Moon 10K Recap

Saturday night was the 3rd and FINAL race in a 3 part summer racing series.

The Blue Moon 10K

Let's start by talking weather. What started out as an average hot summer day made a weird turn when it started raining in the early afternoon. I pulled up my phone and sure enough 0% chance of precipitation. Definitely a forecast FAIL.

So when it finally did stop raining and the sun once again reappeared, it mad for some lovely hot humid southwest Missouri summer weather. AKA miserable humidity.

My goal for this race was to beat last months time. I had said under an hour would be awesome but as long as I was under 1:02:15 I would be happy. Sometimes when the weather gets bad you just have to adjust your expectations of how you will be able to perform.

Upon arriving we as always had to snap our traditional pre-race pictures. 

And before we knew it we were rushing to the start line. With a larger than normal turn out we didn't expect the race to get started on time. Boy were we wrong!

With no on course race photographer I don't have any "lovely" action shots to share with you this time. Oh darn ;).

We ran and ran our hearts out. Our pace the first 3 miles was much faster than we expected, but we felt great. We slowed down a bit for mile 4 while going up hill but picked the pace back up. I think it was somewhere around mile 5 that I started realizing we were likely to make our goal and and by mile 6 I was almost certain a 59:something time was in our future.

Final time 58:30 average pace 9:26 my new PR (personal record)
That, that I never imagined happening on a horribly humid night race.

I also learned a valuable lesson at this race, only wear black pants for summer races. Why? The INSANE amount of sweating you will do. Just trust me, or check out this picture. 

I promise I did not pee my pants, eeekkkk! My shirt was soaked my body was literally dripping with sweat and as you can tell by this picture everyone else was to. So nice to have great friends to sweat with. 

With the summer night series completed we received our finisher medals. Now we only have 12 short weeks until 13.1 miles of fun in Springfield, MO!

Let the half training begin!

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  1. You go girl!!! Sometimes it is so incredibly frustrating to be running in humidity. You pulled through and made it like there wasn't any humidity. Well, except for the proof in your pants. ha! ;) You poor thing. Ya live, ya learn, right? At least it was dark out. ;)

  2. Lol:-) I've seen what running in hot humid weather can do to my pants too:-) normally I am proud of all the sweat pouring off me but it's a tad embarrassing when it looks like I peed my pants!

    Great job, loved reading the details about the race!

    1. I know! Especially when you don't realize it until your looking at pictures later, Eeeekkkk!!!! Oh well, what is a girl to do!

      Thank you!

  3. WOOHOO!! Way to go lady!
    The pants - ha! YES! I made that same poor wardrobe decision ONCE, as well. I've also learned that sometimes you really DO pee your pants during a race (or in my case the second you cross the finish line), and the black running pants are definitely a lifesaver in moments like those, too. :)

  4. okay haha, good tip on the pink pants! Mental note =) Awesome job getting your new PR though! Even if it was a weather fail and hot hot and humid.

  5. hahaha good tip on the pink pants! I pretty much only buy black pants bc i'm boring so good to know it's a safe bet! You totally rocked that 10K! I love that in that aweful weather you still set a PR!