Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's The Little Things: Drag Strips, Bike Shows & Piggy Back Rides

On Saturday morning Russ took Marissa to her first drag race. He was beaming with pride at the chance to expose her to something that he loves so much.

His Facebook status read: "Drag racing 101: with a 6 year old"

She occasionally stopped to plug her ears, but the sound of those loud engines didn't bother her.

I am so proud of him. Not only did he remember to snap some pictures for me, he even managed to snap a selfie. (I may just make a great blogger hubby out of him after all)

After a few hours of hot sun, no shade and ear busting motors they headed home. Emily and I had been stuck at home all day and were ready to go but we managed to give them a short break to cool off and relax before we headed out to the Hot Bike Tour.

Once again there he was walking around in the hot sun, sweating and carrying his girls around.

Right after he put Emily down, Marissa was hopping on.

I really should carry around super dad stickers or something to pass out in moments like these.

We Ooooo'd and aahhh'd at all of the bikes then the girls picked out their favorites.

As a car show, drag racing, "mechanicy" 'Merica kind of guy having two girls has to be challenging. I love that Russ not only is okay with playing with Barbies and having tea parties but he also finds ways to do things he loves with his girls. 

After all being a girl doesn't mean you are girly all of the time.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a girl who knows her way around a car... or a bike.

Here is to raising the next generation of "car girls".

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  1. awwwww A daddy/daughter morning!!!! My dad use to call those "special missions". Love that ya'll finished the day as a family!!! :)

  2. I grew up in a racing family!! My dad loves it and used to race drag and dirt track cars. As a child it terrified me and I couldn’t even watch him race! And sometimes I would cry. I didn’t want my Daddy to get hurt. But how sweet that Russ is introducing her to something he loves. And so awesome that he remembered to take pictures…my hubby always forgets that part! Such a sweet Daddy/Daughter day!

  3. What a great Daddy! I love when girls like to tag along and even enjoy boy things. I was one of those girls. Guys shouldn't have all the fun!

  4. Exactly! Nothing wrong about exposing our girls to all kinds of things, like cars and bikes! Super dad stickers I like it! You should get some. AND he took pics!! A++. What a good blog husband =)

  5. Blogger hubby FTW!!!

    And man, I am so loving M's hair. loooooving.

  6. I love everything about this post. The daddy/daughter day? Oh my gosh, how adorable. The selfie? Props to the hubby!
    And, those bikes? So cool!!

  7. I love that he not only took photos but a selfie too - that's like twice in a week! daddy/daughter time is just always so cute. I love all the bright colored bikes too - very very cool!