Friday, August 1, 2014

Oh Hey Friday: Week 3

Oh, Hey Friday version 3.0

It's FRIDAY! Eeekkkk, after a whirlwind of a week the countdown to the first day of school is on. 10 days and counting.

This weekend promises to be super exciting guys. I don't want to gush about details but lets just say the summer bucket list will have 2 more things crossed off come Monday morning. 
Let's get to the Friday 5!
{ONE} Swim lessons
After an epic fail with the oldest on day one I am happy to report that swim lessons are going as good as expected. It has been awesome watching Marissa try something that I know is pulling her outside of her comfort zone.

{TWO} Breaking Bad 
Did I mention that we FINALLY watched the last episode. It only took us about 10 months to get through all of the episodes but we did it. 

When it was over I just layed there. I am still pretty sad that it is over. *deep sigh*
I would totally rock this shirt.
{THREE} Gym Goal, CHECK!
I met a gym goal this week. I started lifting weights in December and lets just say I was more than pathetic when I started. I am now lifting 2-3 X's the amount that I used to on almost every machine and yesterday I finally met a goal that I had set for myself on this machine.
10 reps of 100 lb's

I did it, I wanted to giggle, jump up and down and snap a selfie, but don't worry I played it cool.
{FOUR} Pre-School Planning

I can hardly believe Emily is old enough to even start but here we are 3 years old and it is time to start thinking about Pre-K. I have spent a chunk of time this week searching Pinterest for pre-school lesson plans that I could just print off and adapt as needed. Then I found this curriculum. I am super excited about using it. I love the biblical foundation that it provides along with traditional learning. I think it seems like the perfect curriculum for our first year of Pre-K. I haven't yet decided if I am going with the free or the purchased version. I will keep you posted on that. 
{FIVE} Race Fever

With the summer running series coming to an end next weekend I am starting to think about new running goals. I am hoping to run at least 3 half marathons over the next year and so far I have my eyes on these.
Bass Pro November 2, 2014
OKC Memorial April 26, 2015
Joplin Memorial Run May 16, 2015

Well that wraps things up and I am off to start my weekend fun!

Have a great one guys, I know that I will.

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  1. Oh I LOVE that you shared that Free preschool curriculum! Although Lily isn't ready for full on preschool, she is so eager to learn letters. I briefly shuffled through some of the lessons, and think we will be incorporating some each week. Nothing too overwhelming. Lots of fun ideas and I too enjoy that it encourages a Biblical foundation! yay!

  2. A: I love the BB shirt. That is so awesome.
    B: I just pulled up the pre-school curriculum and bookmarked it. This looks awesome! My daughter is 4 and goes to a pre-school in the community, but I'm going to look through this curriculum and see if it's something I can pull from to do with her 1:1. I am confident in the program she is enrolled in, but would like her education to have a Biblical foundation as well. Thanks for the tip and have a fabulous Friday!

  3. I am SO happy to see that curriculum. I need to start checking things out for my three year old too - and this one looks awesome! Thanks gal!!

  4. Way to hit a workout goal - crushing it!
    Might have to take a gander at the pre-k curriculum. Sounds like something right up our alley.
    Annnnd, you should consider running Hospital Hill 1/2 next June!! :)

  5. Yay! I don't even know exactly what that machine does, but that is awesome that you are owning it with your weight training. I really haven't done that since high school, but it always amazed me how fast you can build up the muscles.