Monday, August 4, 2014

Overnight Away At Last

For the past two summers the Mr. and I have been trying to go on a quick overnight get away. It seemed like every time we planned a trip, something happened and we never went. Our plans were never formal or fancy, just the two of us out of town without the kids hanging out. I almost laughed when I listed it as a "goal" on our summer bucket list. Much to my surprise the trip that never seems to happen, finally did!

On Friday morning after dropping of the girls at Meme's house we hit the road and headed out of town.

Destination, Branson Missouri. Yes, we know there are much cooler places in the area that we could have gone to but we were trying to stay relatively close and Branson definitely fits the bill for that. 

As soon as we made it to town we found a great little pizza place. We may have ate this whole entire pizza with absolutely no struggling. 

Next we headed off to Silver Dollar City. I can't even remember the last time I visited this place and wasn't pushing a stroller.

I also discovered that my 30 year old body doesn't want to do multiple rides in a row like my 15 year old one did. After riding Outlaw Run (the worlds most daring wood roller coaster) and Wildfire back to back this old lady needed some down time. 

So we walked, shopped, talked and did something it seems we don't get a chance to do much of anymore. We held hands. 

One of this trips "highlights" is possibly the worst hotel experience ever, thank you Expedia. Let's just say when they tell you that your room isn't ready because they had to shampoo the carpets just leave right away. After the hotel fiasco was resolved and we found another room we did a little shopping at a HUGE outlet mall, including Under Armour, Children's Place, Disney and more. 

Then we were off to dinner on the Branson Landing at Famous Dave's. Thank you bar table for saving us from a 40 minute wait.

Walk on the landing, while listening to some great music and eating ice cream. 

 Check, check, CHECK!

Now that our first overnight stay is under our belts, we may just try for two nights next year.

How was your weekend?

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  1. "we got to hold hands". awwww that made my heart swoon! So happy ya'll finally got to enjoy a night away!!!!

  2. It's great you got away! I would love to go back to SDC and do Outlaw Run, but can't afford it just yet (all the other times I've gone someone else paid...maybe that will happen again. haha). :-)

  3. We love Branson! The landing is so gorgeous and YES I totally hear you on not being able to handle rides like you used to. I'm always left reeling and like.....since when did riding a bunch of rides make me feel terrible?!

  4. Looks like it was a fabulous weekend away! And I absolutely loved the holding hands part :) :)

  5. I LOVE Branson!!! It looks like you guys had lots of fun now I wanna go!

  6. Such a perfect little getaway! We've never been to Branson, but it looks like we should remedy that.
    Love that you were able to hold hands. I think it's been a solid 2-years since that has happened over here.

  7. oh that is awesome that you finally got to take your trip just the two of you! Man, those are so needed. hahaha, right? Esp wooden roller coasters. Grandma called she wants her back back. ouch. Disney and kid rides are totally the ticket, I can absolutely handle those ones!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! Between you and Courtney I think I need to make a trip out to MO!!

  9. Looks like the perfect overnight get away! So happy you guys got some time away just with each other!