Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Far From Being Fish, But Better

Last week we wrapped up our second week of swim lessons.

Two weeks of swim lessons resulted in some very busy mornings, the husband riding his bike to work every day and a lot of laundry but I couldn't be happier that we decided to enroll the girls. 

I would be a liar if I said that it was a lovely experience start to finish. In fact I don't have a single picture from the first day of class. If I had to rate how bad day #1 was I would say off the charts epic failure. Marissa screamed and cried the entire 45 minutes, refusing to go to class and her sister was only slightly better about half way through class. After some a lot of disciplining and talking the rest of the day and evening, the rest of our lessons were wonderful

Marissa started off terrified, worked up to scared and ended up being a nervous but definitely more confident swimmer.

She tackled and conquered two huge fears of hers. Putting her head in the water and going down this slide aka getting her face wet.

Emily ended up having one on one lessons due to her class size being small. The main thing she learned from lessons was how to be more comfortable in the water. She loved using the buoy to kick around on and playing with her teacher. 

After two weeks of work it all came down to one last day.

First a quick skill test then they were able to go down big blue the slide over and over and over again. 

 The girls are still far from being fish, but with their new found confidence and skills I am excited to see how they progress through the year. We plan on making weekly trips to the YMCA to work on our swimming. That is what you call home school P.E. folks. 

Now I am left with two very sad little girls but I keep assuring them not to worry, we will definitely go back for swim lessons again next summer. 

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  1. We had a rough first day too. But after that it got better! A isn't a fish either, but she learned some great foundational rules for swimming and we're both excited for her to take them again next summer!

  2. They survived!!!! Hopefully next year won't be as difficult. ;)

  3. I am so proud of you for keeping at it and having them finish out their swim lessons. It's definitely a skill they should know! Good job mama!

  4. YAY for progress! Sounds like both girls did great! Keep it up momma. The swimming will all fall into place!!

  5. that slide looks like an awesome reward! So glad they stuck it out! We are looking to start up weekly swim lessons again soon too and I hope a 8 month older Callie likes them a lot more this time!