Monday, August 11, 2014

Good-Bye Elsa Braid

On Friday I took Marissa to get her hair cut. 

Honestly guys, I envy the girls braveness in the hair department. I always get so nervous, scared and worried when I have a hair trim coming up. Thoughts of chopping it all off make me weak in the knees. I just can't do it. 

Marissa is nothing like me, she was ready for short hair and no matter what I said there was no changing her mind. Not that I wanted her to change her mind. At 6 years old I say if she wants short hair, why not! I just wanted her to realize that she would be saying farewell to her beloved Elsa braid for a while. I knew if there was a deal breaker to be found, that would be it. 

Did the deal break?

 Not a chance, just like that we were off to say good-bye to the Elsa braid. 

But not before I snapped some before pictures first.

Here she is before in a "natural state" all we did was brush her hair. I promise you it really was brushed even if it may not look that way.

While waiting she seemed a bit nervous. But she never said a word if she was.

Getting ready to cut!

I should have taken a picture of her face. As soon as she saw the progress she had a HUGE dimpled grin.  

*Note the big pile of hair in the floor

She instantly fell in love with absolutely no regrets about her decision (thank God)!

Official before and after.

Happy girl, happy mom and we can even still french braid her bangs.

We are loving the new hair style. She told me she was feeling picture perfect. I would certainly agree that she looks pretty picture perfect to. 

Happy Monday!

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  1. That looks adorable on her, picture perfect is right!

  2. What a gorgeous little lady. And her new do is so cute!!

  3. Sooooo precious!!! I love the new 'do!!! I still remember my first "major" haircut. I cried because I didn't realize the magnitude of the length I was cutting off. ha! She seems to have taken it like a champ though! Girlfriend knows what she wants!

  4. picture perfect - that is so cute! yay for being hair brave! I always regret cutting my hair, so I just avoid it ha.