Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Place For Everything: Finisher Medals

As a type A, control "enthusiast", OCD, type personality everything in our home has needs a place. 

In a matter of seconds a mess on the floor or un-organization can not only cause my eye to start twitching, but it can send me off on a cleaning binge that may last for hours on end.

 How have I survived having children? You ask. Well, a whole lot of Jesus and learning sometimes I just have to let go.

Since "becoming a runner" I have started collecting finisher medals. There was that crazy time that I actually placed in a 5K, my first half marathon and most recently finishing the summer night racing series. Three medals in 4 months with plans for more on the way. I didn't want to display them in the living room. But I did want to figure out a way to show my hard work and simultaneously keep me motivated.

This display was put together as a group effort. I couldn't have done it alone. My Dad cut the wood, my good friend and running partner cut and applied the letters and Russ and I stained/ sealed the wood and put the hardware on.

Celebrate EVERY mile.

Such a good and true reminder. When I look at my medals it isn't necessarily the miles I ran on that race that I think of. I am reminded of each mile that I logged, each session at the gym, and each morning that I woke up at 4:30 like a crazy person to get me to the place where I could run that race.

Every mile matters, every mile counts.

And now in the morning when I wake up this is my view... morning motivation to keep on.

This year I have big plans to add several more medals, Lord willing. 

So thankful for an outlet, a healthier lifestyle and the growth God has brought me through the gift of running.

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  1. I. Love. This!! I have so many medals that are just sitting in a drawer. I would love a display like this. Now I just need some crafty/handy people to help!

  2. I LOVE this! totally saving this for our new house. I've got some old medals I've always wanted out for motivation and this is great!

  3. That is awesome! I like the message too. They all count, those miles! They are hard fought! Good for you and your motivation!

  4. Now you can SEE your accomplishments. How awesome is this!