Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's The Little Things: Scavenger Hunts

Our weekend camping trip provided the perfect opportunity to cross off the FINAL item on our summer bucket list. I can't believe we actually did the whole list. I had set a Labor Day end goal and we made it with a week to spare.

Our final item was a scavenger hunt. Is there really a better place to do a scavenger hunt than in the middle of the woods? I think not. We brought several lists with us which worked out perfectly. Everyone had a list or two to work on and we were able to give the kids age appropriate hunts.

Marissa and Jonathan started out first.

Marissa quickly got to work studying and memorizing her list.

Then she was off!

 After watching the big kids having fun Emily wanted to join.

And soon she had a friend helping her out.

There HAS to be a bird up there somewhere!

 They ran, played and checked things off their lists for about 15 minutes before they were ready to move on to something else. 

Honestly, I was impressed they lasted that long. 

 And really, they didn't do bad at all!

Just like that our summer bucket list is done!

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  1. A scavenger hunt is such a wonderful idea for older kids..... will remember for next year's list!
    <3 Sarita

  2. Nice! Aria and I did a rainbow scavenger hunt for St. Patrick's Day and it was way more fun than I thought it would be! Such a fun directional activity. Congrats on finishing your list! Do you make one for the Fall or just a summer time free time type deal?

  3. You completed your bucket list - way to go momma!!
    Sounds like the kids had a pretty awesome time finding their items. Fifteen minutes is a solid win in my book!

  4. Not only did you complete your bucket list, but you did so with such a fun last task!

  5. What a cool activity while camping! And you finished your summer bucket list!