Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh Hey Friday: Week 5

This Friday feels more "Friday-ish" than any other has felt for the past several months. 

Why is that?
We survived our first week back at school.

Woo hoo 1 down 35 to go..... Eeeekkkk!!!!

On that note, onto my usual Friday business!

{ONE} Guest Post

I announced a couple weeks ago that I was asked to be a monthly contributor over at Beauty Through Imperfection. I will be posting over there on a monthly basis for the next several months. Well, this week my first post published!

I did a post about a really simple, fun art project that you can do with your kids. Go check it out

{TWO} H.A.M.B Drags

One of the advantages to living in the mid-west is that it makes for a great central meeting place for lots of events. JoMo happens to be the meet up spot for the coolest car show I know of, the H.A.M.B Drags. Cars from literally all over the country will be rolling in today. There will be an epic car show tonight and drag racing at a local track tomorrow. As if that isn't cool enough you won't find your typical cars there.

As a car loving girl, this is one of the highlights of my year.

{THREE} Fall Crops

Fall is coming, fall is coming! I saw a friend post that candy corn is now available in stores. My first thought was YUCK. Then I realized that it is a sign of fall and that made me smile. If I could just live on repeat from September through Christmas I would.

Speaking of fall, I planted some fall crops about a week ago!

Carrots and lettuce will soon fill this bed.

And I am trying out some scallop squash here.

I love that gardening takes up such a huge chunk of the year!

{FOUR} SO Thankful

Am I right, or am I right?! 

The way I have noticed technology most affecting our girls is their intolerance to commercials. I blame that on the existence of Netflix. We do our best to avoid excessive exposure to technology but in 2014 that is only becoming more and more difficult.

{FIVE} Back To School Highlights

On Thursday we wrapped up our first week of school. Yup I said that right, Thursday. We do 4 day school weeks at our house. We generally have co-op on Friday but since co-op doesn't start up until after Labor Day we get to enjoy our Fridays off for the next couple weeks.

Here are a few favorites from our first week back at school.

I have no words... only tears for this one.

I can already tell this going to be my favorite part of our school year. Every morning we have read a devotion, prayed then dove into some theology. Hands down the best part of our day. I love diving into the Bible with her and praying to start the day out has been so good. Why didn't I do this last year?!

With Bible class being #1, our art projects have to be my second favorite. I love being creative with my girl. She was so happy with her scissors in one hand and her magazine in the other. She made one awesome collage. She must her artistic skills from me ;).

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love those old cars, so fun!!!!!!!!!

    I agree, so glad I had an actual childhood, outside in the dirt and not inside by a computer.

    Happy Friday, lady!

  2. I love candy corn! I was beyond thrilled that Hobby Lobby had so much fall and Christmas stuff out. I already made some stuff for family members for Christmas. I can't wait for fall to get here. :-)

  3. Are you taking your car out to the car show?? I sure hope so!

  4. I'm so glad I grew up in the 90's when I got to experience a technology free life. I look at my oldest (who is 15) and it makes me sad for her. She doesn't have any idea of what a fun childhood is

  5. Yayy, for fall!! The pumpkin spice latte comes out next Monday - I'm not a huge fan, but def, enjoy indulging for the season :) :) And those back-to-school photos... melts my heart - whata cutie!!

  6. I'm good with like 3 or so candy corn before it gets nasty, but I do love those pumpkins! I am a baby ruth mini kind of gal, but only during October. Just doesn't taste as good any other time. And, I so wish I liked pumpkin spice lattes. I love the idea of them, but nah too much like coffee. Sadly. I love the smell though!