Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Insta Life Lately

Happy Hump Day!

Finally the middle of the week, hooray. I usually don't get to excited over the weekend this early but next week we are finally on spring break. This mama can not wait. I am praying it is the perfect time to recover, rest and prepare ourselves for the last 5 weeks of school that we will have left! Come on May 7th!

I love Instagram, I really really do. The past couple months I have been putting a bit more effort into my account. I have been trying to grow it, engage more and up the quality of my photos. Today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites over the past month.

A cupcake celebration on my one year blogiversary. 
This would be a great photo to keep taking every year.

So it started out like this. She was not impressed with the 2nd grade curriculum starting to pile up...

then this happened.

I almost felt bad for her, then I remembered I am her teacher.

Classic. Emily the girl of a million expressions and Marissa completely oblivious.

I picked some Daffodils on Saturday. Hello Spring!

A selfie. What's an IG recap without at least one?!

"Look mama, I'm fixin the car" She truly lives up to her shirt. She is so cool. Build mama's car real fast baby girl then we can go for a ride.

Late night shopping trip with my Kohls buddy Anna. I looked so classy in my early 2000 athletic pants. 

One of the verses from Marissa's handwriting work book. She handed it to me, I read it and my heart exploded.

Let it be so!

Friday night I somehow managed to not only see but photograph one of the prettiest sunsets I have seen in a very, very long time. It was beautiful.

So that's a little bit of our life lately via Instagram.

If your not already following me I would LOVE to have you.

Do you love Instagram?
What's your "IG style" any favorite filters or the unfiltered approach?

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  1. I love that photo of Emily with the wrench- haha! That is a gorgeous picture of the sunset; we've had quite a few recently that are just beautiful.

  2. Your pictures are so much fun! Your girls are so cute :) And the scripture/picture; our oldest is only five, but her pictures melt my heart every time. Loved getting to know you a little more through your photos!

  3. It might just might be one of my new favorites. They have been amazing lately, hope to see some good sunrises soon too!

  4. Thank you so much. Isn't it fun how pictures really give you a glimpse into someones life almost better than words?!

  5. So fun! I love instagram! I usually go filter-less.

  6. Me to Becky. If I do use a filter I really play it down to around 15-20% or less.

  7. The verse with all the beautiful flower doodles is my fave! I like using vsco to edit my ig pics. And I'm back and forth with filters, sometimes I'll use them a bunch then I won't for a while.

  8. I've been LOVING your pics on IG lately.
    The one with Marissa and Emily - died laughing the first time I saw it. Split a gut this time, too! :)

  9. I saw the Instagram pic of you in those wicked high pair of heels! It was a fabulous combo that we should all incorporate (sweats with heels) I think you have given the fashion industry something refreshingly new :) Now if I could just walk in a pair without breaking my ankles....

  10. LOVE your IG and love your recap :) I would re-like each of those pictures again :) Oh, and I TOTALLY had those pants in 2000 also! lol

  11. That is a great selfie!! I think I need to be more intentional on my IG account. I am loving your Blogiversary cupcake idea and holy cow that is a lot of books!!!

  12. Thanks Jenny told me I took good selfies. I laughed and told her it only takes me 80 attempts to finally get an acceptable shot. So sad, but so true.

    It is HARD I know some days I just can't get to it. Just doing the best I can and it seems to be working I have grown A LOT in just a few months.

  13. Thanks friend.

    Bahaha I can't believe I still have them. They are typically my I am going to the gym but it is stinking cold so I will just slip these over my other pants, pants. However embarrassingly enough I never changed out of my gym clothes this day, gross I know.

  14. Bahaha! Oh my goodness I laughed so hard. I am just not a high heel girl. I can walk in them fine surprisingly, but do I really need to be 6'2" or taller? Not so much, lol. I rarely rock some heels and when I do it isn't in sweats (usually) and my husband always gives me a sigh.

  15. I love your selfies. I can't do them. I don't look normal when I smile into a camera that I'm holding and yet my other faces seems to serious and we all know I'm anything but.

  16. Haha ha! I seriously am not kidding when I say I take at least 40 before I find one that I will actually post and by then I am usually ticked off that I have wasted that much time taking a dumb photo of myself. How is that for the honest truth, lol.
    Thank you though. That helps me to feel like it isn’t worth a total waste of my time.

  17. That sunset is stunnnnnning! Wow!!
    And it's seriously ridiculous how badly I want a cupcake for breakfast now after that picture, ha ha!!

  18. It was probably the prettiest I have ever seen 😊.

    Baha ha. Sorry friend. I feel the same exact way when I read food posts in the morning.
    Happy Friday eve!

  19. Instagram is hands down my favorite social media!! These are
    all great pictures!! For my IG style I like clean and bright pictures. And I am
    a little OCD about the shape of my photos…they have to be the same size and
    shape on one row. Haha. I’m ridiculous!

  20. Lol that is hilarious. I am now going to go check out your profile to see exactly what you are referring to. Instagram is so fun. Some days I just feel so boring though and I am "trying" to be pickier about what I post. Clean and bright, I like it!