Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Monthly Goals {March 2015}

As an extremely goal motivated gal I have found great success in setting monthly goals for myself. In an effort to actually keep myself accountable I will be putting my goals on display for all to see.  

 Today I wanted to recap on my goals for February, give an update on how I did and set my goals for March.

February Goal Recap:

*Continue blogging about 4-5 days a week.
*Grow my Instagram account to at least 300 followers.
*Sponsor another blog


Instagram grew over 100 followers last month putting me around 350, THANK YOU! If you aren't following me yet, I'd love for you to fix that. Leave me a comment letting me know how you found me and I'll follow you back. 

Just last week I finally started sponsoring a blog. I couldn't possibly be more excited to be Courtney at Shiraz In My Sippy Cup's first sponsor. Go check out her blog, you are sure to love her.

*Shower them with love through Valentines Day
*Take each of the girls on their own special outing. 

Done & Done.

I posted about how I showed my girls the love and I was able to take them both out on special nights. Marissa and I birthday shopped for Emily and stopped by a local cupcakery. Emily and I went out for ice cream. I need to make a point to spend special times with my girls more often. 

*Exercise at least 5 days a week including my 3 runs.
*Drink more water
*Be more faithful in my foam rolling, yoga and stretching
*Complete my first relay race

This is where it all goes south. Just when I made plans to be more faithful in exercising I suffered an injury. I have spent the past month battling an "awesome" case of runners knee. Good news I only missed one or two runs and it is getting better.

More water.... didn't I mean to put more hot tea? Pretty sure I did.

I have been stretching more, so I can count that one.

The relay race was a huge success. 

*Keep reading
*Listen to more Christ centered music

I did some reading for my latest book review, I Choose You. Bible reading is definitely not where I would like it to be still.

More Christian music has been going great and it has been so, SO good for my heart. I may even work myself up to taking K-Loves 30 day challenge.

Home School-
*Begin preparing for placement testing
*Start shopping curriculum for next year
*Begin planning our home school room
*Be more prepared with Emily's projects and work for the week

Test prep is in full swing.

95% of my home school curriculum for next year is purchased and here or on it's way. I didn't expect to have that much done but I am thrilled I do. 

Home school room plans are being made. I can't wait until we start.

Emily's projects.... FAIL. I have been keeping her more active but I have so much to improve on. Good thing for me she is so smart. 

*Research and begin working on some spring items for the Etsy shop
*Finish my first photography course
*Start my garden plants from seeds

Spring Etsy items... still haven't even began. 

Photography course, still not done yet.

Start my garden, YES! Peppers are already sprouting and tomatoes will be planted next week.

All in all February was just a hard month. Russ was sick, the girls were sick. my knee acted goofy, Dr. appointments, snow days, we just a rough month all around. I refuse to beat myself up for not doing as well this month. March is a new month and a new chance. 

*Continue blogging about 4-5 days a week.
*Grow my Instagram account to at least 400 followers.
*Host a giveaway to celebrate my one year blogiversary (spoiler alert, it's tomorrow).

*Do more crafts and art projects with the girls.
*Family game nights have at least 2 this month.
*Have one movie night with the girls.

*Exercise at least 5 days a week including my 3 runs. Let's try this again... no promises. 
The knee is still not 100% yet.
*Drink more water. I think I may try labeling a bottle by the hour.
*Half training is in full swing now. This months long runs include some 9 & 10 mile runs. 
My goal for that, survive.
*Get the hubby running! His first 5K with me is in less than 5 weeks.

*Pray more.
*Start reading again.
*Continue to listen to more Christ centered music.

Home School-
*Continue preparing for placement testing at the end of the month.
*Celebrate only having one quarter (9 weeks) of school left.
* Take a field trip or at least plan one.

*Finish my first photography course.
*Continue garden planning and prep.
*Make a new pallet sign.
*Complete The Blogger Life Photo challenge on Instagram #BLphotochallenge

What is a goal that you have for this month? 
Leave me a comment and tell me about it

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  1. I don't think I have, (I am really bad with band names) but you can bet that I will be checking them out very, very soon. Thank you so much for the recommendation!!!

  2. ugh bummer about the injury. Annoying when you are getting a start on something and something random throws it all off. Motivation ruined! But awesome job on the rest of the goals. Good luck with this months. Yay for a movie night. When Brave was on the other night we let Aria stay up later than usual to watch it.

  3. I think you are doing great with all of your goals! I can't wait to see the school room plans and how it turns out. So exciting. And the curriculum picture is the best. haha!
    This post has me thinking about actually penning out my goals now. My wheels are spinning.

  4. You're doing great! You've set so many goals and reached so many of them. The great thing about goal setting is they are a way to advance and improve. The fact that you even set goals means you want to be better. Go you!!
    I hope that pesky runner knee takes a hike for good, and soon!

  5. Well Febuary was a short month. I'm just saying.

  6. Great job! Goals are so fun and helpful. Excited to see your pallet sign!!

  7. You're a rock star, blowing threw those goals! How have you grown your Instagram account so much? I'd love to hear your tips!

  8. I only listen to KLOVE. I don't want C to hear anything he shouldn't so I took the 30 Day Challenge and haven't looked back. Can I tell you how amazing it is to be having some major road rage or be stressed out the you know what and a song comes on and calms me down? Provides a message that I just needed to hear!

  9. Yeah that stunk. BUT..... I wrote this post on Saturday and since then it seems like I have made a complete recovery. Wahoo!!!

    Sometimes you just have to let them stay up late :).

  10. Thanks Heidi. It is going to be so great. We have the extra room and I am SO tired of doing school at the table. Our dining area is just so blah with no windows. That picture makes me laugh so hard, I was going for a smile, but this is so much better :), The pile has grown now and you can barely see her eyes, poor kid.

    You should totally go for it!

  11. Thanks friend. I love your optimistic attitude. The awesome part about this knee is I wrote this post on Saturday and since then my knee seems to be 100% again. I am SO relieved. So the plan is to hit up the gym more often starting Monday.

  12. Hehe! I should definitely look at i that way. If I had those extra 3 days it all would have been done, HA!

  13. Thank you! I am excited for it to get warm so I don't mind going out in the garage to make it :).

    Goals are so helpful.

  14. That is awesome. The only time I don't is when I am running.... and then my music can get kind of ghetto. I downloaded the KLOVE app to use at the gym but the sketchy wifi signal there doesn't seem to want to play it. UGH.

    I know exactly what you mean. It really helps me out when I am having a stinky day. I should turn some on now :).

  15. This week has been amazing, I even managed to knock out 4 posts this weekend so this week has felt like a vacation. I know the blog is growing and I am so encouraged a what has happened in one year. I should write down some stats.

    I have no clue. IG follow feeds, hashtag like crazy, IG takeovers, more comments and better pics, are all I can think of. I love how much it has grown in just a short time :).

  16. Oh my goodness, thank you. It really doesn't feel that way.

    These are the only things I can think of that have increased my growth on IG: IG follow feeds, hashtag like crazy, IG takeovers, more comments and better pics. I love how much it has grown in just a short time :).

  17. Family game night!!! Love this goal!!!!! Some of my absolute FAVORITE and most vivid memories are sitting next around playing games with my family. Even in high school we played together! We also extend the tradition to Christmas Eve as well. Such a blast!

  18. Aaaahhh that makes me so happy to hear. I hope my girls look back on things like this fondly some day too.

  19. For real when the lead photo (on bloglovin) was a picture of Emily eating that cupcake, I was like, "I pretty much love this girl for making one of her goals to eat a cupcake in March". Sadly, that wasn't the case, but I'm still all about it! Great job on your goals!

  20. LOLOLOL, Best goal EVER! Does it help that I am baking cupcakes today to celebrate the blogiversary?!
    Thanks friend.