Thursday, May 7, 2015

Girl Mom Series: Ashley, Everything's Hunky Dorey

Hi everyone, my name is Ashley! I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, Sean, and mama to Wyatt (2) and Stella (6 months). We live in LA, but not that LA, Lower Arkansas where I'm a stay-at-home-mama. I am a born and raised Arkansan with a deep love for the Razorbacks, chocolate, and Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper. You can find me blogging over Everything's Hunky Dorey about our crazy, fun, and everyday life! 

I've only been a girl mom for a little over 6 months now and it really is so different than being a boy mom. I never really gave it much thought when I was pregnant; I assumed it would be no different than being a boy mom. Oh, but is it different. 


 When our sweet Stella was born she was perfect. She was petite and dainty, and screaming. Man that girl had some lungs. Even the nurses made comments about how loud she was. In all the 18 months that Wyatt had been alive I'd never heard him scream as much or as loud as she did for the first month. We could tell immediately who was taking charge of our house. 

But when she wasn't screaming, oh my, she was (and still is) our cuddle bug. This girl knows how to cuddle and it melts our hearts. She would let me sit and hold her all day if I would. She would sleep on me every nap and night if I let her, and I love it. 

And then there's her daddy. That daddy-daughter relationship that everyone tells you about. I really didn't believe it would ever happen in our home. Sean spent so much time with Wyatt in the beginning that she really didn't have time to bond with him. But now, there is no one that can make her smile like when her daddy walks in a room. There are times when nothing else can make her happy but her daddy. It really is something special and something amazing to watch. It only makes this mama's heart beat a little faster.

And what is it about girls that makes you want to dress them up (and change their outfits about every 10 minutes)?? There have been days where I've changed her clothes no less than three times, just for fun. And the pictures, oh the pictures. I honestly wish I had time every morning to do a photo shoot with her. I really don't know what it is about her. I'm just glad she's quickly figured out that the camera is her friend and she loves it! 

And then there are the clothes. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy dressing Wyatt up and making him look adorable too. But there's just something about creating an outfit around accessories. I've seriously spent 20 minutes piecing an outfit together just because of a bow. I am already looking forward to when she's old enough to enjoy shopping with me and picking out her clothes together. If she's anything like her mama we'll be taking lots of day trips for shopping! 

I'm looking forward to so many things with my girl, pedicure dates (we've technically already been on three), girls trips, shopping, sleepovers, dances, and so much more!! All of those girly things that I know she'll love! 


 Thank you so much Beth for having me on your Girl Mom series!


Thank you so much Ashley for sharing Stella with us. It was fun to read about how different things have been since having a sweet baby girl. Stella and Wyatt are adorable y'all. I love the photos and sweet moments that Ashley captures and shares.

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  1. She is precious! And I know what you mean about the bow! Hallie is pretty much always wearing one! If we don't have one to match an outfit, HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

  2. We have family in Arkansas- go Hogs!!! And building an outfit around the accessories is totally a thing!

  3. Oh, cool!! What part? And yes...although it's probably not the best idea when you're short on time. I'm learning. ha!

  4. Thank you, Kelly! Hahaha, I don't even know where all of these bows and headbands have come from! ;)

  5. Oh I'm totally guilty of making them to match every outfit!

  6. Rogers, so NW! We're actually contemplating moving over there!

  7. Whitney you should totally move!!! You'd be SO close to me :) hehe he!

  8. That's "home" for me. I was born and raised in Fayetteville. We'll hopefully be back there some day!

  9. I love seeing my husband with all my kids of course, but for some reason song him with our little girls just make my heart melt. :) My youngest runs to the door when her daddy comes home like a little puppy greeting its person. :)

  10. Oh my goodness your children are adorable and that Stella what a sweetheart! I have 3 girls and we have enough clothes and dress up clothes that have passed through our home to clothe another ten little girls!

  11. Aaaahhh so sweet :). There is something just so sweet about daddy's and their girls.

    Have a great Monday!

  12. Amen, amen. I feel like that just having my two. It is simply just crazy!

    Have a great Monday friend!