Monday, May 25, 2015

Opening Day Date Night {2015}

Thursday night was date night, baseball style. Well... I call it date night but it was really just a work event. However we knew the girls would not be "into it" so we left them with my parents. Anytime we go out in public without children I officially call it a date night. Trips to Walmart, Home Depot, or fast food joints are not beyond being called "date nights". After all they are pretty few and far between so I take anything I get. 

50 Years from now I will be able to say I was there on opening day of the inaugural season and I will have the spirit towel to prove it. 

Joplin just got big time friends. We now officially have a minor league baseball team, again. We had a minor league team years and years ago in fact Mickey Mantle played for us (there's a little Joplin history for you). The team shut down years ago and the stadium went to shambles... until recently. 

I somewhat wish I was joking about being excited over this, but I'm not. 

The best part is Russ' work is close by, REALLY close by.

 They even had a tail gate party to kick off opening day.

Free food and drinks and free tickets to the game it was a great time to be had by all. 

They also sponsor the team so that means they have lots of free tickets to the games lying around for their employees. Plus with our employee parking sticker we will always have free parking close by. I have a feeling baseball games may happen fairly frequently :). 

Oh and look! I met Blue. Blue is the Blasters mascot. At first I didn't get how a husky dog fit in with the Blasters. The name "Joplin Blasters" is a play on the old minor league team "Joplin Miners". It pays a tribute to the history of mining that turned Joplin into the city it is today. (More Joplin history, your learning so much about JoMo.) Then I realized another big team sponsor is a local dog food company. It's all about connecting the dots friends.

Plus look at my SUPER COOL new shirt my Dad got me. Live strong Cardinal Nation!

I took a few shots during the game.

And snapped a photo with my date.

The game carried on for almost 3 hours and guess what.

We won!!!

The Joplin Blasters beat the Wichita Wingnuts 5-2 
 I am SO glad they won the opening day game. 

Here's to hoping for many more summer nights at Joe Becker Stadium and many more wins for our home team.

Have you been to a baseball game lately?

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  1. Such a cute post. The only thing better than a date night, is a free fun date night that leaves you with the prospect of more free and fun date nights of the same caliber in the future :)

  2. How fun!!! Free food, free drinks, free tickets? Sign me up! So fun that you guys have a baseball team in your area again that you can go to!

  3. So fun! We love going to baseball games!

  4. I'm not a big pro sports fan...there I said it! The last pro baseball game I went to I slept through practically the whole thing (I was 24!!!) since the. The only other one I've been to was a high school game where my students were playing in a couple years ago...

  5. My kind of date night! Baseball, fluffy mascots and a tailgating party make for one fun night! Now if it were my husband and I, on the way home we would hit Walmart and it would really be perfect :)

  6. Thanks! I can't wait to go again.

  7. Hehe! No worries we aren't either if I am being totally honest. The only thing we really keep track of is Cardinals baseball and that doesn't even mean we watch the games. I could totally see where you could fall asleep at a baseball game.

  8. I know right! The key word here was free! Free is always more fun.

    I am pretty excited about it!

  9. Thanks friend. I completely agree!

  10. It was a pretty fantastic night. We thought about hitting up a fast food place on the way home but it was so late and he had to work the next morning and we are totally boring.... so we didn't :).

  11. You don't think the girls would enjoy the game? Maybe the whole thing? Too long? We have something minor baseball-y nearby I thought Aria might like to go see some of a game sometime. That is our definition of date night too lol. Anytime you go somewhere without the kiddo(s) = date night! Much fun.