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Monthly Goals {August 2015}

July is over?! 
How in the world did that happen?

It seems like just the other day we were making red white and blue jello salad and lighting off fireworks. Now the last few days of summer break are in the single digits and we are soaking up every last bit of sun that we can.
July really flew by. 

That said I have no idea how I did on my goals. I have a bad habit of making them and that is it. I don't really look again until the end of the month. Maybe a goal for this month should be to print out my goals where I can see them daily so I don't forget about them. 

Let's take a look.
*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.
*Grow Instagram to 700. I seem to be stuck.
*Rework a few old posts with better "pinnable" images. 

I kept up the blog despite the busyness of summer. I always seem to think that if I slow down that momentum may be hard to regain so I try to keep going. Plus my Instagram grew to well over 700, finally.

Old posts, yeah I never got around to that one. I was lucky enough to write new posts and stay some what caught up on my blog reading. 

*Work on crossing things off our bucket list.
*Lots of pool time (best goal ever).
*Fun run with the girls.
*Family donut or ice cream date, maybe both :).

One of my favorite parts about summer is loads of family time. 

We crossed a few things off our list and I posted a bucket list update. Lots of pool time, #nailedit if there is one thing we have done well this summer it is swimming. Fun run night was a blast and we hit up Sonic for half price shakes early in the month. 

*Exercise at least 5 days a week.
*Finish stage one & most of stage 2 in "The New Rules" program.
*Keep my nutrition plan on track.
*Run a solo race.

I have kept a great gym schedule, Stage one is complete and stage 2 will be finished Friday. I ran a race on the 4th of July and some how managed to place first in my age division there. 

As for my nutrition I don't feel I can cross that one off. I am not counting my calories like I was or tracking my protein intake but I also have not became to relaxed here either. I manage to stay pretty aware of what I am eating and the balance I am maintaining... or not. I have shown myself more grace and that is great. At the end of it all I don't have time to track every single food and calorie that goes into my mouth and when I was it was taking so much time from things that should be more important, like my kids. It is all about finding a healthy balance and I am working on that. I think I can do better but still not let this become the distraction it once was. Maybe I should find a healthy balanced days worth of food and then just eat the same exact thing every single day ;).

*Read Gods word.
*Pray that God would guide our family. 
*Worship more with our children. They love to dance and sing it is always so good for my heart when I join in.

I have done better this month but I also feel I am floundering more than ever. Months of not being plugged into a church is definitely becoming emotionally hard, especially for me. What we do know is that God has a plan, a good plan, for us. We are patiently waiting on Him even though it is hard and confusing.

Home School-
*Work on math and English with Marissa.
*Complete 2015/2015 school year lesson plans.
*Complete or almost complete home school room.

Summer learning is going well, lesson plans are complete and ready and the school room *sigh* it turned out amazing. Check it out for yourself if you missed it.


*Make Finish a new pallet sign.
*Date night with Russ.
*Try a new recipe or two.
*Have a girls night with a friend. (Any takers out there?)
Maybe I should just take the sign off my list. I fear it will remain blank for quite some time.

Russ and I took advantage of  our girls being at a cousin sleepover and went on a date

I tried several new recipes. Including Buffalo Chicken Quinoa, Zucchini Brownies and Grilling a pork sirloin. And have I mentioned my iced coffee that is to die for. I can't wait to share that recipe with you THIS week.

I wrote about the importance of making time for you and had two girls nights with my two closest friends this month. One was a Starbucks night with Sarah where we were able to reconnect after a busy season. I talk to her all day through texts but it was awesome to sit in each others company. The second was a women's worship night with Anna. We sang and prayed then went and talked about motherhood fears over some Sonic until late in the evening. Both were so good for this mama's heart. 

*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.
*Participate in a new to me link-up
*With school starting back up I want to try and write more posts on the weekends

*Ice cream or donut date
*Wrap up our summer bucket list
*Family movie or game night
*Take both girls out on individual dates

*Exercise at least 5 days a week.
*Finish stage 2 & most of stage 3 in "The New Rules" program.
*Find a better balance in my nutrition.
*Encourage others more.

*Read Women of the Word
*Resume Bible study meetings with Sarah. 
*Pray more in good times and bad

Home School-
*Finish summer off with a celebratory & fun last week
*Participate in the Back To School blog hop on August 12th
*Take back to school photos.
*Start off the school year strong and prayerfully.

*Celebrate 8 years of marriage
*Date night at the dirt track
*Attend a baseball game
*Girls night out
*Print out my goals for this month ;).

August is going to be a pretty busy month for us.

Saying goodbye to summer and hello to school books. Our favorite car show of the year happens later this month and we are joyfully celebrating wedding anniversary #8! So much to look forward too.

What is on your agenda for August?

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