Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Eight Photos for Eight Years

Today marks 8 years of marriage.
Eight years of life together.

Today I want to share a glimpse into the past 8 years. I went through countless photos and chose one photo from each year. Doing this was a lot of fun and hard work too. Remember the time before you snapped selfies all the live long day?! Yeah, that was the first 4-5 years of our marriage and I didn't really take lots of photos in my pre-blogger days. 

I hope you like taking a look back as much as I did.


I shared some wedding photos in last years anniversary post so I thought it would be fun to dig a bit deeper.
Here is what you could consider an engagement photo. 


February of 2008 We had been married around 6 months and I was 4.5 months (21 weeks) pregnant with Marissa. 
To say I was a bit on the large side doesn't quite say it all.

One of the few photos (3, literally) that wasn't of the baby, or only one of us with the baby.

Date nights were and still are a celebratory event. 

Hands down my all time favorite photo of Russ and I together.
The photographer secretly set me up and the results are priceless.

2012 was a busy year. It was the year we built our home. 
I don't even know if a photo of just Russ and I exists this year. 
This was the first of thousands of photos that have been taken on that porch. 
We snapped this on Mothers Day of 2012 shortly after we moved in. 

We are so Bonnie & Clyde in this photo. #wewish

2014 was the year we took our first (and second) out of town get-away since having the girls. 
Which reminds me, we really need to do this again soon.
Eight Years!
Eight exciting, terrifying, amazing, hard, life changing years.
I am so glad we spent them together.

Here is to celebrating many, many more years together!

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