Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Highlights 8.14.15

Hello Friday!

Oh Friday you haven't looked so lovely for months.
The return of the school year means the return of the Friday dance. 

I once again have an appreciation for the weekends now that my "endless" summer is over. 

Now for this weeks Friday picks!

{ONE}  On The Blog This Week

This week I talked about life "Currently"

Shared about my new favorite socks, Kushyfoot

Gave a few back to school mom tips.

And posted my July, Sunday photos.

{TWO} Fall Photos

Every once in a while JCP sends me the glorious $10 off $10 coupon. I think I squeal with delight every time I get one in the mail. I have had one tucked away for a couple weeks hoping to take a shopping trip with Anna (who also received the beloved coupon) then I realized it was about to expire. I couldn't let it go to waste so I rushed to the store and picked up a shirt I would probably never normally gravitate towards.

I assure you it is even cuter in person.

Now all I can think about is fall photos. I see jeans, boots and my new top with pretty little girls and our Mr. It has been TWO long years since we have had pictures done.

{THREE} Back To School

This has been our first week back at the books and I am happy to say that this school year is going so much better than I expected it too. Let's just hope we can keep that momentum going ;).

Monday morning started out like this.

Tuesday we had a visitor. He was tiny, cute and definitely a distractions but we managed to get most of our work done.

Wednesday we included lots of fun by going for a walk, drawing rockets and eating outside.

Thursday we finished up our school work then hit up the splash pad.
(We do 4 day school weeks and co-op on Fridays, but co-op doesn't start til September.)

Check back for our "official" back to school photos on Monday! 

{FOUR} Chalk Board Art

So last Friday morning while the girls were still sleeping I did this.

It was my first attempt at chalkboard art and so much fun. I have been looking forward to doing a new one all week long so I think Friday mornings I will just pencil in a date with the chalkboard.

Since then I went a little crazy on Pinterest pinning chalkboard inspiration photos.

Anyone else have a slight chalkboard obsession?
I feel like I am always the last one to get on board with these kinds of things.

{FIVE} Happy Anniversary

Tuesday marks 8 years of marriage.

Since our anniversary is on a Tuesday I am hoping we can celebrate this weekend with the girls. Then next weekend without kiddos. I love including them in our celebration. 
1) I want them to know that marriage is hard work and should be celebrated. 
2) I remember thinking my parents anniversaries were really cool. I'd love if they felt the same about ours.

Maybe we can find a way to celebrate and mark something off our summer bucket list too. 
Summer is coming to an end fast and we still have a lot to do!

Friday Linkup Parties

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Have a great weekend!
We will see you back here soon.

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